June 2, 2023

Classic Pirate Minifigure (5003082) Review

What?!? Two pirate set reviews in one week. How can that be? It’s pirate week, that’s how! Earlier this week, True North Bricks brought you the pre-release review of the Pirates of Barracuda Bay. Continuing the theme of the week, I dug up an old kit that I never assembled. The Classic Pirate Minifigure (5003082) set came out in 2015 celebrating the 25th anniversary of the original Pirates theme. It was a gift with purchase at the LEGO® Store. For some reason, I never assembled mine. It remained fully sealed in the original package waiting for the right moment. Five years later, I decided to run pirate week, and that time has come.

Classic Pirate Minifigure (5003082)
Box art for the Classic Pirate Minifigure.


  • NAME: Classic Pirate Minifigure
  • SET #: 5003082
  • THEME: Pirates
  • COST: Free with purchases over $75 CAD
  • OF INTEREST: 1 shark
  • RELEASE DATE: August 1, 2015
Classic Pirate Minifigure (5003082) kit contents.
Kit contents.


  • VALUE: 100% (It was free.)
  • BUILD: N/A (This kit is about the Minifigure, not the build.)
  • MINIFIGURES: 100% (Good Minifig, loads of accessories, great brick-to-fig ratio.)
  • ENTERTAINMENT: 80% (Fun, nostalgic, but not much play value by itself.)
Check out this amazing pirate ship!


VALUE: 100%

While you had to spend $75 to get this set, it was free with your purchase. Therefore, if you were buying a set anyway, this set was a nice bonus. You can’t beat free LEGO® bricks and Minifigures. However, it is a very short build, clocking in at five minutes and thirty seconds. So, you do not get much build time. But, again, it was free.

Accessories from Classic Pirate Minifigure (5003082)
Accessories from Classic Pirate Minifigure (5003082)


With only 24 bricks, there is not much to assemble with the Classic Pirate Minifigure. The kit contains a couple of barrels and a tiny island with a palm tree for a marooned pirate. Additionally, one of the barrels is large enough for the pirate to float in through shark infested waters. This kit really is about the Minifigure and celebrating the anniversary of the Pirates theme. The build is more of an accessory, so I will not rate it in this case.

Front view of pirate Minifigure.
Front view of pirate Minifigure.


The Classic Pirate Minifigure kit comes with one pirate. He consists of all the standard Minifigure parts. Additionally, he has front and back torso printing. However, the character does not feature any leg printing, nor does he have a double-sided face. Based on that alone, I rate him at 10/15 (67%). Of course, there are accessories included as well. The pirate has a small treasure consisting of a few gold coins, a gold bullion, and a yellow gemstone. Finally, you also get two barrels, a sword, a bottle, and a shark. Consequently, the accessories easily bring the design score up to 100% in this case.

Classic Pirate Minifigure (5003082) rear view.
Rear view of pirate Minifigure.

For a kit of this size, you also have a great brick-to-fig ratio. Counting the shark as a figurine, this kit has one figurine for every twelve bricks. Again, that earns 100%. This is a solid Minifigure with a lot of fun accessories, plus a shark!

Classic Pirate Minifigure (5003082)
Classic Pirate Minifigure (5003082)


I love LEGO® pirates and I love Minifigures. As an AFOL who grew up with the Pirates theme, even a little kit like this strikes a chord. I especially like that the box included a small postcard that has Minifigure pirate stickers on it. Additionally, there is a commemorative booklet containing images of classic Pirates theme sets. This is not an amazing kit, but it is a fun one. However, I have very little use for the island build, and it does not hold much play value for kids either. Therefore, I rate the entertainment value of this kit at 4/5 (80%).

Add-ons in the kit.
Fun pirate add-ons.


It is hard to beat a free set. The high score awarded is largely because of that. As a purchase, I might have rated it lower. After all, this set remained unopened in my collection for five years. It was an amusing little build, and a great inclusion for Pirate Week. What do you think? Sound off in the comments below or on social media.

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