September 29, 2023

Robin Loot Coloring Page

To celebrate the upcoming release of Pirates of Barracuda Bay from LEGO® Ideas, it is Pirate week at True North Bricks! Consequently, all my usual weekly posts are taking on a swashbuckling theme, including a new coloring page. This installment features a Robin Loot coloring page, based on one of the eight new characters from the set. To read more from Pirate week, check out the following:

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Old Versus New Pirate Pieces

Download the Robin Loot Coloring Page

This free coloring page offer has expired. 

For the current free coloring page, click here.

Why color?

Building with LEGO® bricks is one of the methods that I use to bring down my stress levels. Another great tool is coloring. Coloring relaxes the amygdala. That is the part of your brain associated with fear. Consequently, coloring is a great form of stress and anxiety relief. In addition, coloring exercises both hemispheres of your brain. Staying in the lines requires logic (left side of the brain), and picking colors insights creativity (right side of the brain). I combine my enjoyment of drawing and coloring with my love for LEGO® Minifigures and bricks with these coloring pages.

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