June 5, 2023

T. rex Transport (75933) Review

The announcement of the new Jurassic World sets in 2018 had me excited. I love LEGO® dinosaurs. While I already had a T. rex from the 2016 line, this new variant from T. rex Transport (75933) piqued my interest. I really liked the color scheme. However, I opted against buying it initially. As mentioned, I already had a T. rex, and it also came in a transport vehicle (click here to read about it). A third color variant of the T. rex has since come out; however, it did not excite me to the same extent. Therefore, when a 30% off sale came my way on T. rex Transport, I jumped at the opportunity. So, while this set is older and harder to find at this point, this week’s review is nonetheless set 75933.

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T. rex Transport (75933) front box art.


  • NAME: T. rex Transport
  • SET #: 75933
  • THEME: Jurassic World
  • COST: $89.99 CAD
  • BRICK COUNT: 609
  • OF INTEREST: 1 T. rex and 1 baby raptor
  • RELEASE DATE: April 17, 2018
T. rex Transport (75933) rear box art.


  • VALUE: 72% (Satisfactory value at full price, but low build time.)
  • BUILD: 90% (Great build that inspired me with MOC ideas.)
  • MINIFIGURES: 82% (One standout Minifigure and an awesome T. rex.)
  • ENTERTAINMENT: 100% (This set has loads of potential for kids and adults alike.)
T. rex Transport (75933) box contents.


VALUE: 72%

At full price, T. rex Transport clocks in at $89.99 in Canada. With 609 bricks, you get a cost-per-brick of $0.15. While not horrible, it is a touch above my current average of $0.14/brick. At full price, I rate this set at 78%. However, I bought T. rex Transport for $63.00 (30% off). At that price, each brick costs $0.10 and the value-per-brick goes up to 93%.

This is my favorite LEGO T. rex.

Assembly of this set took 80 minutes. Consequently, each minute of build time costs $1.12. Sadly, that is just barely passable and earns a score of 65%. If you can find the set for 30% off, the cost-per-minute is much better at $0.79/minute and a score of 82%. Averaging the cost-per-brick and cost-per-minute scores give and overall value score of 72% at full price, and 88% at a discount of 30%.

"Science" equipment in T. rex Transport (75933).

BUILD: 90%

The first item that you assemble is portable T. rex monitoring station. It has long wires on it that attach to the dinosaur in order to monitor its vitals. I am neither here nor there about this build. I like when LEGO® sets include science equipment. However, I feel the 2016 Jurassic World sets did a better job at it. The T. rex Tracker vehicle from that series came with a parabolic microphone and a computer displaying the vocalizations of a T. rex. Comparatively, in this new T. rex Transport, the computer screen displays DNA. A heartbeat monitor would have been more appropriate. Sensors that attach to a dinosaur’s skin can’t read DNA. With that said, I do like having a DNA screen now. I will re-purpose it elsewhere.

T. rex Transport.

The rest of the build is the namesake of the set. You assemble a truck to transport a T. rex. Compared to the T. rex Tracker, this newer set is much more realistic. It resembles an actual truck for starters. The T. rex. Tracker was a fun set to be certain, but it was not something you might see on the street. T. rex Transport, on the other hand, could be. Additionally, I am a fan of the shipping crate for the T. rex. It is a little heavier duty that its predecessor. While T. rex Tracker gave a cage that might be handy for transport within a dinosaur theme park, T. rex Transport looks safer for movement between parks.

T. rex Tracker shipping crate.

The shipping crate inspired some MOC ideas for me.

In terms of build techniques, the shipping crate is awesome. It has swing down sides so that the T. rex can break out of the crate during play. However, this design has a lot of potential applications elsewhere in MOC work. Someday, I might want to add onto the Apocalypseburg district in my custom LEGO® City. I can imagine this shipping container customized to produce living spaces or shops. Using this design allows easy access into a small space without necessarily having to make the whole build modular. Similarly, the design lends itself to modern, upper class shipping container houses in a MOC.

T. rex escape!

In terms of dislikes, I have two minor ones. The cab of the truck is too narrow, and it has no doors for Minifigures. It is hard to get a Minifigure inside without having to remove the windshield in addition to the roof. Otherwise, T. rex Transport is a solid set. Consequently, I rate the build at 9/10 (90%).

Dr. Zia Rodriguez


T. rex Transport (75933) includes three Minifigures. Two of them are generic guard characters that come with all the sets in this wave of Jurassic World kits. The third character is Dr. Zia Rodriguez. She is the Minifigure highlight of this set. I love her dinosaur t-shirt. Otherwise, all the characters in this kit have the standard Minifigure parts. Only Zia has a double-sided face, but all of them have front and back torso printing, and ample leg printing. Zia also has two-toned legs to make it look like she has proper boots on. For accessories, the set includes two tranquilizer darts, a baby velociraptor, and a scarf to cover the face of one of the guards. I rate the Minifigure design in this set at 38/45 (84%).

Front view of T. rex Transport (75933) Minifigures.

I mentioned in the introduction that the T. rex figurine drew me to this set. Of all the Tyrannosaurs that the LEGO® Group has produced, this one is my favorite. I like the color scheme a lot. The mold is the same as all the other color variants, but that is not a point of contention for me. While it is not a Minifigure, I will still include the T. rex in the brick-to-fig ratio because I suspect many of you will buy this set for that figurine. I know I did. Therefore, four figurines in a kit containing 609 bricks yields a brick-to-fig ratio of 152-to-1. This is not far off from my current average of 149:1, so I rate the ratio score at 80%. Averaging the ratio and design scores gives T. rex Transport an overall Minifigure rating of 82%.

Rear view of T. rex Transport Minifigures.


I enjoy T. rex Transport (75933). As a Jurassic World set, it is fun. However, it also has MOC potential as a regular truck or through adapting the shipping container design. I also love dinosaurs, and you get the best LEGO® T. rex variant in this kit in my opinion. This set has something for every type of collector. Even if you don’t like dinosaurs, you get an easily customizable shipping truck design. I rate the AFOL score at 100%. Similarly, the play value for kids is high. I can see a younger version of myself having fun with a set like this. After all, transporting a T. rex is fraught with danger for unsuspecting Minifigures. I think T. rex Transport deserves a KFOL score of 100% as well.

T. rex Transport (75933) comes with a baby raptor as well.


The main downside of T. rex Transport (75933) is the price. At full cost, you pay slightly more than average per-brick, and you don’t get a lot of build time. Additionally, there are only three Minifigures, and two of them are nothing special for the Jurassic World theme. However, the T. rex is phenomenal, and will probably draw many buyers in and of itself. The main build is also a nice one that has general applicability as just a truck in your city, or a dinosaur transporter in play. The shipping container design also inspired some MOC ideas for me. T. rex Transport is already a good buy at full price. However, you can find it on sale, and that makes it even more worth it.

Until next time,


P.S. curious about how this T.rex compares to the 2016 version? Here are some additional pics 🙂

T. rex transport driving through my LEGO City.
Now, there’s something you don’t see every day.

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