September 29, 2023

Space Smash (LEGO® Masters)

SPOILER ALERT: This post reveals what happens in Episode 2 of LEGO® Masters USA

In the second episode of LEGO® Masters USA on Fox, contestants took part in an epic space smash guest starring Mayim Bialik. Each team built a space themed construct with the goal of having it destroyed. Consequently, after eleven hours of building, each creation met a spectacular fate of dropping from a balcony, smashing with a baseball bat, or blowing up. The judges considered aesthetics, storyline, and how well builds smashed into smithereens.

After watching episode one, I have my predictions about who will make it to the final three on LEGO® Masters. I cannot say that my opinion has changed after this week. Among them, the winners of this week’s challenge were Tyler and Amy. Their build featured an epic alien facing destruction by nuclear bomb at the hands of a heroic spaceman. They certainly deserved the win. The team showed masterful craftsmanship and a great storyline. Additionally, the whole thing came apart exactly as planned when host Will Arnett dropped it from the balcony.

Last week’s winners of the golden brick, Christian and Aaron, did not fare as well. However, they still showed off some muscle (literally), and I loved their build and story. Once again, the team proved that they know how to put together a stunning piece and great story. Sadly, they did not adhere closely enough to the rules of the competition. The whole point was a structure that would blow up in a spectacular display. The explosion was not very strong. In the end, they still have the golden brick in their pocket.

Christian and Aaron showed off some muscle… literally.

My third pick as a contender for the finals is Boone and Mark. Like Christian and Aaron, I do not feel like these guys really brought it for this challenge. They had a great scene and story. Additionally, their build smashed well. However, from my perspective, their build was more like a display piece at a convention. It was too diorama for my liking, and not enough outer space.

Coming in strong this week were Mel and Jermaine. An inspired build, “Legor” told a great story. On the downside, I found it a little blocky and would have liked to have seen more curving. However, it blew up like no other. If I had to pick the best explosion of the night, this one is it.

The other contestants produced variants of the same story. There were several planet-like scenes facing an apocalypse of some kind. They were fun but did not stand out from one another very well. Additionally, Sam and Jessica appeared to have a major blow out in their construction process. Will went over at one point to smooth things out. The team hit the bottom for the second week running and seem to have a lot of trouble pulling it together as a cohesive unit.

Sam and Jessica continue to butt horns…

Sam and Jessica shared the bottom rung with Kara and Jessie. The latter had a strong idea early in the show but failed to put it together by the end. Sadly, their spaceship scene started to collapse before making it to the judging table. I felt sad for them, it felt like a big dream was crashing down around them. Ultimately, it cost them their place in LEGO® Masters. I interviewed the team after the show aired, and you can read their thoughts by clicking here.

There you have it! Space Smash of LEGO® Masters saw a lot of stress, turmoil, imagination, and epic explosions. Additionally, Jessie and Kara became the first contestants to leave the show, while Tyler and Amy scored their first win. I would love to hear your thoughts on the episode in the comments below or contact me through social media. LEGO® Masters returns on Fox on Wednesday night at 9:00 pm ET. In that all new episode, contestants will get half of an actual structure, and they will have to construct the other half out of LEGO® bricks!

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