December 8, 2023

Let the Games Begin (LEGO® Masters USA)

After months of anticipation, tonight is the night. LEGO® Masters premieres on FOX at 9:00 pm ET (click here to read my initial report). For many of you, LEGO® Masters is not a new thing. After all, the show has aired in the UK and Australia. However, this time the show airs in North America for the first time. Granted, it is LEGO® Masters USA, and not Canada. But, for now, Canadian LEGO® fans will have to live vicariously through our neighbors south of the border. Luckily, FOX is available in Canada. Let the games begin!

The host of the show is none other than LEGO® Batman himself, Will Arnett. Additionally, the show features 20 contestants divided into ten teams. Over the next few weeks, the teams face building challenges that will determine who wins the cash prize, LEGO® trophy, and the title of LEGO® Masters. I plan to watch this show closely and am very excited for it to begin. So excited, in fact, that I plan to stay up past my bedtime once a week just to see what happens next. That all begins tonight!

To kick things off this week, each pair of contestants will have to build a section of a theme park. The goal will be to combine all the sections and create a theme park world. I will look at how it turns out in a future post. However, for now, let’s look at the contestants! (A special shout out to the LEGO® AFOL Engagement Team for providing the following pics and info.)

The Bearded Builders

Team Bearded Builders, let the games begin!
Boone and Mark – A pre-K teacher and a HVAC installer from Oregon.

East Coast Bricksters

Team East Coast Bricksters
Mel and Jermaine – A law enforcement officer from Maryland and technical cell phone consultant from New York.

The Unicorns

Team Unicorns, let the games begin!
Krystle and Amie – A gaming designer and a software engineer from Texas.

Father and Son BFFs

Team Father and Son BFFs
Manny and Nestor – A barber and a retired truck driver from Pennsylvania.

Brothers Who Brick

Team Brothers who Brick, let the games begin!
Travis and Corey – A pre-school teacher and a LEGO® engineering instructor from New Jersey.

The Eccentrics

Team Eccentrics
Sam and Jessica – A set builder from California and an artist from Connecticut.

Married Thespians

Team Married Thespians, let the games begin!
Flynn and Richard – A LEGO® engineering teacher and a theatrical lighting designer from California.

The Newlyweds

Team Newlyweds
Tyler and Amy – A model designer and a piano teacher from Florida.

The Higher the Hair, the Closer to God

Team Higher Hair
Jessie and Kara – An administrative assistant from Hawaii and a retail manager from Alaska.

Clark Kent and Superman

Team Clark Kent and Superman
Christian and Aaron – An army sergeant from Kentucky and a LEGO® Educator from New Hampshire.

How are you feeling about LEGO® Masters USA? Do you have an early favorite? Be sure to let me know in the comments below or shout out on social media. I look forward to sharing this North American LEGO® experience with you all. Let the games begin!

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