December 2, 2023

Ford Fiesta (75885) Review

This week’s set review focuses on an older Speed Champions kit, the Ford Fiesta (75885). This set made my LEGO® wish list a long time ago because of its sporty look. I have started to occasionally pick up Speed Champions sets in order to get some fancier looking cars on the streets of my LEGO® city. Now that the Ford Fiesta is getting a little old, and probably nearing retirement, you can likely find a good deal on it.

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Ford Fiesta (75885) front box art.
Ford Fiesta front box art.

Ford Fiesta (75885) Summary

  • NAME: Ford Fiesta M-Sport WRC
  • SET #: 75885
  • THEME: Speed Champions
  • COST: $18.99 CAD
  • BRICK COUNT: 203
  • RELEASE DATE: March 2, 2018
Ford Fiesta (75885) rear box art.
Ford Fiesta rear box art.

Ford Fiesta (75885) Quick Review

  • VALUE: 99% (Excellent overall value.)
  • BUILD: 90% (Great design, but lots of stickers.)
  • MINIFIGURES: 75% (Good Minifigure design, but few accessories, and bad brick:fig.)
Ford Fiesta (75885) box contents.
Ford Fiesta box contents.

Ford Fiesta (75855) Review

VALUE: 99%

At full price, the Ford Fiesta costs $18.99 in Canada. The set contains 203 bricks, which means that each brick clocks in at $0.09. That is a really good value. Comparatively, my current average cost-per-brick is $0.14. Therefore, I rate the cost-per-brick for this set at 97%.

Ford Fiesta (75885)

This set took me 58 minutes to build. At $18.99, each minute of build-time translates to $0.33. Given that my current average cost-per-minute is $0.82, once again, the Ford Fiesta is a great value. In fact, it scores over 100% on my scale in this category. Averaging the build-time score with the cost-per-brick score gives an overall value grade of 99%.

Ford Fiesta (75885) front view.
Front view of Ford Fiesta.

BUILD: 90%

There is only one build in this kit, and it is the namesake Ford Fiesta. There are two interchangeable hood pieces. One is a normal looking hood, the other features an air intake. As with other Speed Champions sets, there are A LOT of stickers in this kit. I did not use most of them. My goal was to have a sporty car to cruise my city. I am not looking for an advertisement laden race car. I think the set looks fine without them.

Ford Fiesta (75885) side view.
Side view of Ford Fiesta.

My main issue with the Ford Fiesta is the lack of doors. I do not have many Speed Champions sets, but this looks like a common issue with the theme. It is hard to produce an authentic looking car if limited by LEGO® door pieces, I suppose. Therefore, I will not deduct a full mark for the door issue.  On the plus side, the issue that I had with my last Speed Champions review is not a problem here. With the Ferrari 488 GT3, a Minifigure could not fit inside with a hairpiece on. The racing helmet had to be on for the roof to fit closed. Conversely, in the Ford Fiesta, ample clearance inside the car allows for hair or a helmet.

Ford Fiesta (75885) rear view.
Rear view of Ford Fiesta.

In the end, the build is solid. You get a nice car. I am not a fan of the number of stickers, nor of the lack of opening doors. However, this theme is about authentic looking race cars, so I expect those issues. I am happy that a Minifigure fits properly into this car though. I rate the Ford Fiesta build at 9/10.

Ford Fiesta (75885) side view.
Ford Fiesta side view.


This kit contains one Minifigure. He comes with all the standard parts, as well as front and back torso printing and leg printing. He does not have a double-sided face. Additionally, unlike his Ferrari 488 GT3 counterpart, he only has a helmet and no extra hairpiece. That is unfortunate, as I really liked the hair/helmet option in the Ferrari set. The only accessory included in this kit is a wrench. In terms of design, this Minifigure earns a score of 12/15 (80%).

Minifigure front view.
Front view of Minifigure race car driver.

Since there is only one Minifigure, the brick-to-fig ratio is easy to calculate. 203:1 is quite a bit worse than my current average of 152:1. I rate that at 70%. Averaging the ratio and design scores gives an overall Minifigure grade of 75%.

Minifigure rear view.
Rear view of Minifigure race car driver.


As an adult collector, this set suits my needs perfectly. I liked the look of this car based on the box, and the actual built set did not disappoint me even though I left off most of the stickers. The Ford Fiesta will remain on display in my city. I like that many of these Speed Champions sets are just one car, so I can really pick the ones that I like without getting a lot of extra stuff that I am not so keen on. This set earns an AFOL score of 100%.

Minifigure in Ford Fiesta.
The Minifigure fits nicely in this car, unlike my last Speed Champions review set.

Much like with the Ferrari I reviewed before; this set reminded me a lot of collecting toy cars when I was a kid. I had a lot of Hot Wheels. I used to wish that figurines could fit in my Hot Wheels though. Therefore, had Speed Champions been a thing back in the day, I think it would have struck a chord. Given that I still see Hot Wheels all over the place, they must be a thing still today. For that reason, I think this theme will interest kids too. So, I will rate the KFOL score at 100% as well.

Ford Fiesta (75885)


I remain impressed with my second foray into Speed Champions. The Ford Fiesta is a great value per brick, as well as in terms of build time. Additionally, the design is nice, even if you leave off the stickers. My only gripe with the set is the bad brick-to-fig ratio and a lack of accessories. The Ferrari 488 GT3 fared much better in that department. Is this a worthwhile buy? I say yes. However, as I write this it is close to retirement. Therefore, if you want one, snatch it up if you find it. Be sure to let me know what you think in the comments below or shout out on social media.

Until next time,


Speed Champions racing!
Racing the streets!

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