December 4, 2023

1989 Batmobile (Limited Edition)

November 29 marked the official release of the 1989 Batmobile set (76139). This version of the car remains my favourite. To sweeten the deal, early purchases of the set come with a Minifigure scale 1989 Batmobile (Limited Edition) set for free. That exclusive offer runs from November 29 until December 5, 2019, or while supplies last. Both the actual 1989 Batmobile and the miniature version were must haves for me. I will build the larger version soon, but I decided to start with the freebie in order to get the review out while others still have a chance to pick one up.

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1989 Batmobile (Limited Edition) front box art.
1989 Batmobile (Limited Edition) front box art.

1989 Batmobile (Limited Edition) Summary

  • NAME: 1989 Batmobile – Limited Edition
  • SET #: 40433
  • THEME: DC Comics Super Heroes
  • COST: Free with Purchase ($39.99 CAD value)
  • BRICK COUNT: 366
  • RELEASE DATE: November 29, 2019
1989 Batmobile (Limited Edition) rear box art.
1989 Batmobile (Limited Edition) rear box art.

1989 Batmobile (Limited Edition) Quick Review

  • VALUE: 100% (You can’t beat a freebie.)
  • BUILD: 90% (The exhaust pipe falls off very easily.)
  • MINIFIGURES: N/A (The set does not come with any.)
  • ENTERTAINMENT: 95% (Great set, but might not stand up to rigorous play.)
1989 Batmobile (Limited Edition) box contents.
1989 Batmobile (Limited Edition) box contents.

1989 Batmobile (Limited Edition) Review

VALUE: 100%

This little Batmobile was a gift with purchase. It is hard to be beat a free set. On that basis alone, I rate it at 100%. However, the retail value for the kit is advertised as $39.99 in Canada, and it comes with 366 pieces. Consequently, each brick in the box has a value of $0.11. Given that my current average is $0.14/brick, even if you paid for this kit you would be getting a great value (90%).

1989 Batmobile (Limited Edition) side view.
Side view of the 1989 Batmobile.

The 1989 Batmobile took me 63 minutes to build from start to finish. As a result, if I had paid for this set, each minute of build-time would have cost $0.63. Again, that is a great value considering that my average cost-per-minute is currently $0.83. Owing to that, I rate this set at 90% again. However, since the kit was actually free, I will again boost that score to 100%. 

1989 Batmobile (Limited Edition) front view.
Front view of the 1989 Batmobile.

BUILD: 90%

This set is an amazing build. I am impressed with the amount of detail that the designers were able to put into a set of this size. It really stays true to movie version of the car. By comparison, I have reviewed the Batman V Superman Kryptonite Interception Batmobile in the past. I like this free version much more.

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1989 Batmobile Vs Kryptonite Interception Batmobile.
1989 Batmobile Vs Kryptonite Interception Batmobile.

I often mention in my reviews that small side-builds in LEGO® sets sacrifice details in the main build. This 1989 Batmobile supports my opinion unequivocally. If made available for sale, this set would cost $39.99. Comparatively, Kryptonite Interception was also $39.99. While I liked the latter, placing it next to the 1989 version makes it look cheap. Kryptonite Interception also featured a small forklift side-build with a pallet full of kryptonite canisters. While it was a nice little build, it cost the Batmobile in terms of details. I think the 1989 version shows the level of quality that comes from focusing on just one really nice build. On a side note, the 1989 Batmobile comes with 60 bricks more than its older counterpart.

No side builds in this set made for a super detailed design.

1989 Batmobile (Limited Edition) side view).
Side view of the 1989 Batmobile.

The 1989 Batmobile is Minifigure scale. The roof of the car swings open to allow interior access, and a Batman Minifigure can fit comfortably inside. Additionally, the car has some nice play features. There are two stud shooters on the hood, reminiscent of the machine guns that pop out of the car in the movie. Also, the flames spouting out of the rear of the car are joined by bevel gears to the rear wheels. Consequently, pushing the car along a smooth surface causes the flames to spin.

1989 Batmobile (Limited Edition) rear view.
Rear view of the 1989 Batmobile.

The only aspect of this set that I do not like is the attachment of the exhaust pipe for the flames. In testing out the aforementioned play feature, I rolled the car along a tiled surface that was not completely flat. The exhaust pipe fell off very easily. The same happened again as I rolled the car over the railroad crossing (a small slope) in my LEGO® city. The piece comes off a little too readily for my liking, which costs this set a point. Overall, I rate the build at 9/10 (90%).

Batman Minifigure next to the Batmobile.
Kryptonite Interception Batman is trading up.


The 1989 Batmobile will not receive a score in the category because it does not come with any Minifigures. However, I will say that given its Minifigure scale, it would have been cool to get one with this set. It was a free set though, so one cannot really complain. Definitely, had I paid $39.99 for this, I would have expected some characters with it.

1989 Batmobile (Limited Edition) interior.
1989 Batmobile interior.


From an adult’s perspective, this is a great kit considering its size. Had it been a retail set, I think a lot of people would have bought this in lieu of the larger version for budget reasons. Additionally, the car looks great cruising through the streets of a LEGO® city. However, it also comes with a nice base for display on a shelf or desk. The car rotates on the base as well, allowing you to position it just right for your own purposes. I rate the AFOL score for this set at 100%.

1989 Batmobile (Limited Edition) top view.
Top view of the 1989 Batmobile.

This set is equally fun for kids. It has a couple of play features, and it fits a Minifigure inside nicely. While the car itself may not be the most recognizable Batmobile for a younger generation, it still looks awesome. The only annoyance is that aforementioned exhaust pipe, which does not stand up to play very well. I rate the KFOL score at 4.5/5 (90%) for that reason. Averaging the AFOL and KFOL scores gives the 1989 Batmobile an overall entertainment rating of 95%.

1989 Batmobile.


This would have made an amazing retail set. I would have bought it without a doubt, and I am sure that others would have too. It is very detailed, and true to the original movie version. Additionally, $39.99 makes an excellent value for a kit this size. Fans of this version of the Batmobile will certainly enjoy it, and it is almost a shame that you can only get it by purchasing the larger, much more expensive version of the car. In this case, both kits were a must for me, so I lucked out. My recommendation is that if you are on the fence about buying the large version, this little freebie is certainly worth getting, so before December 5, 2019 is the time. I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below, or as a shout out on social media.

Until next time,


Batmobile cruising the streets.
1989 Batmobile.

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