December 2, 2023

LEGO Kryptonite Interception Review

Despite the numerous Batmobiles that have been produced by LEGO, and the fact that I am a huge Batman/DC Comics fan, this is actually my first LEGO Batmobile. How I went so long without one, I am not entirely sure. Even this one I received as a gift. But, I am happy that I did!

Set Summary

Name: Kryptonite Interception
Set #: 76045
Cost: $39.99 CDN
Brick Count: 306
Minifigures: 3
Manuals: 2
Release Date: January 2, 2016

LEGO Kryptonite Interception Batmobile

Summary Review: 78%

VALUE: 80% (You are paying the current average price per brick with this set.)
90% (Overall nice design, but Batman has no way to steer.)
87% (Very good brick-to-Minifig ratio, awesome Batman fig.)
55% (I like the overall look, but the build is short for the price.)


VALUE: 80%
With 306 bricks, and a price tag of $39.99, each brick in this set will set you back $0.13 CDN. That is not such a bad value, and actually hits right on the current average cost of a brick. As a plus, it is a cent lower than the average cost per brick for the DC Super Heroes theme. I rank this set at 4/5 for value.

LEGO Batman and Batmobile.

BUILD: 90%
There isn’t a whole lot that I do not like about this set. The overall look of the Batmobile is nice, and it resembles the movie version pretty well. The little LexCorp forklift is also neat, though I question what kind of forklift has firing missiles on the side. I doubt even Lex Luthor would invest in that. However, that is not really a point of contention over which I would deduct marks. I really like the little palette and the Kryptonite storage containers on it. My only real complaint about the set is that Batman has no way to control the Batmobile. There are some buttons or gauges in the cockpit (stickers), but no steering wheel or actual dashboard. A little more detail there would have been nice. I give this set 9/10 for build.

LEGO LexCorp forklift.

This set comes with three Minifigs, two LexCorp goons and Batman. That is one Minifigure for every 102 bricks in the set. That is a very good brick-to-Minifigure ratio, and earns this set 4.5/5.

The two goons are nothing special. They come with identical torsos printed with a zip-up jacket style on the front, and the LexCorp logo on the back along with some trim. One goon has black pants, the other has brown. Both have double sided faces, one of which is identical to Hoskins from the Jurassic World theme. They have one buildable bazooka with a built in stud launcher to share between the two of them. Collectively, I give them 6.5/10.

Batman is really nice. While he has the usual double sided face options, his torso has been printed to resemble the Ben Affleck Batman costume, with nice detailing on the front and back. What I really like about this Batman, however, is that he has painted on boots that extend from the front of his legs around the sides and back. He comes with two Batarangs as well. I give this Batman a full 10/10.

Averaging out the design scores for these Minifigs gives this set a score of 83%. When combined with the brick-to-Minifigure ratio score, I give this set an overall Minifigure rating of 87%.

This set took me one hour to build. With a price tag of $39.99, that means that each minute of building cost me $0.67. That is a pretty bad entertainment value, and earns 1/5. On the plus side, the set itself is actually a lot of fun once you have it all together. I will probably modify the cockpit a little at some point to give batman some steering ability, but overall the car has a nice look. I also like the forklift. I would give it an enjoyment score of 4.5/5. Combined with the entertainment value score, I rate the overall entertainment I derived from building this set at 55%.

LEGO Batman

Overall: 78%

Here are my closing thoughts on LEGO‘s Kryptonite Interception. This set has a good, but not great value and finds itself right on the average of $0.13 per brick. The build is nice, though a little more thought could have gone into just how Batman is supposed to control this thing. You get a lot of Minifigures compared to the brick count, but two of them are rather bland. The Batman Minifig is, however, awesome. This set will cost you a lot in terms of build time, but the overall look is rather nice and a keeper in my opinion.

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