December 2, 2023

November 2019 Haul

This past month saw many great deals. Retailers started their pre-Black Friday sales and double VIP points took place at the LEGO® Store. However, I resisted temptation. My goal this year: Black Friday and the 1989 Batmobile. This is, in my mind, the best deal of the weekend. Even though there was no actual sale on the set, I got loads of freebies! Therefore, without further ado, here is my November 2019 haul.

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November 2019 LEGO haul.
My November 2019 LEGO® Haul.

The Black Friday deal on the Batmobile was quite profitable if you were able to make it to the LEGO® Store on November 29. Unable to go myself because of work, my amazing wife rearranged her schedule in order to be at our local LEGO® Store for opening. She said the line formed pretty quickly, and the Batmobiles were flying off the shelf, and it’s no wonder too. 

My November 2019 haul got me a Batmobile to cruise through my LEGO® city!

November 2019 haul Batmobile freebie.
Mini Batmobile freebie available with purchase of the actual 1989 Batmobile set.

Apart from the 1989 Batmobile being my all-time favorite version of the car, I bought the set specifically on Black Friday because of the freebie with purchase. By buying the set before December 5, you score the awesome mini-version of the car shown in the image above. At 366 pieces and a value of $39.99, this is a phenomenal freebie. As soon as this article publishes, I am building this set! You only get this kit by buying the 1989 Batmobile set.

November 2019 haul LEGO mini-surfer van freebie.
Black Friday mini-surfer van freebie.

The 1989 Batmobile price tag also got me all of the other Black Friday freebies available at the LEGO® Store. Among them, spending $50 or more in store on November 29 got shoppers the above Mini-Surfer van set. It has a value of $9.99, and 62 bricks.

LEGO® city got a new Christmas Tree!

November 2019 haul LEGO Christmas Tree freebie.
Christmas Tree set freebie.

Finally, I also got the free holiday set of the year. You get this set free with all purchases over $120 until December 2 at the LEGO® Store. It is a nice looking Christmas tree based on the box. Containing 392 bricks, it also has an advertised value of $39.99. Therefore, all freebies considered, I got about $90 worth of free LEGO® sets with my 1989 Batmobile! While the Surfer Van freebie is now over, you still get the mini-Batmobile and Christmas tree for a limited time, while supplies last.

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Did you buy anything this past weekend? Tell me your thoughts and stories either in the comments below, or on social media!

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