December 2, 2023

2019 Bricktober Bomb

Toys R Us is usually the place to shop for LEGO® sets in October. In the past, each week has brought us a fresh set of Minifigures that were given away free with purchases. Oddly, there was very little buzz around this year’s event in the weeks leading up to October. This had me questioning whether Bricktober would even happen at all. Well, it is taking placing, but sadly, it looks like a 2019 Bricktober bomb.

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In order to investigate the situation, I visited two Toys R Us stores last weekend. Both had nice Bricktober displays set up, and flyers advertising the event. Sadly, there was no mention anywhere of a freebie. However, I remained hopeful since the 2018 Bricktober also did not start the first week off with a Minifigure pack. Consequently, I asked customer service at both stores that I visited. Neither one had any knowledge of any free items in the coming weeks. I was told to keep an eye on the flyer in case.

2019 Bricktober Bust.
Bricktober set-up at a Toys R Us near me.

The next step was to contact Toys R Us Canada on Twitter. I asked if we would be seeing Minifigure packs this year, and the answer was no. I was told that Toys R Us will be “offering different promotions for Bricktober this year.” I cannot say that I was not disappointed by this revelation, but still I remained hopeful.

2019 Bricktober Bust.
Tweets with Toys R Us Canada.

Contrary to the tweet I received from Toys R Us, their website does not list the upcoming promotions. You can only find the current one in this week’s flyer. Speaking of this week’s flyer, there is no freebie. If you spend over $70, you can get a 221 piece Classic Brick Box (10692), but you have to pay $10 extra for it. Essentially, you are getting the Brick Box at half price. So far, this really is a 2019 Bricktober bomb.

While we still have two and a half weeks to go in October, I am really bummed by this development. Bricktober was a huge event in the eyes of many LEGO® fans. It even pulled significant traffic away from the actual LEGO® Store in my neck of the woods. This discounted purchase with purchase just does not cut it, especially given the set that was selected. I don’t know about you, but I was expecting more. I would love to hear your thoughts below.

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