December 7, 2023

LEGO® Haul November 2018 (with Ninjago Minifigure Review)

Last month, I missed out on Bricktober at Toys R Us because I opted to buy Ninjago City Docks during double VIP points at the LEGO® Store (click here to read more on that). I was quite happy to learn that this month, I would have a chance at getting at least one of the Minifigure packs. What made it even better was that it would cost me less than it would have during Bricktober. As part of their Brick Friday promotions, the LEGO® Store offered the Bricktober Ninjago Minifigure pack with purchases over $50. You had to pay $75 or more to get the same set for free at Toys R Us last month.

My November 2018 LEGO® Haul.

All in all, I got a really sweet deal this weekend at the LEGO® Store. I have been eyeing the Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown for a while now. I don’t collect many Marvel Super Heroes sets, but this one looks really neat. I am also looking forward to the challenge of turning it into a modular building. This set was 30% off for Brick Friday. I jumped on that deal since it also got me the Ninjago Bricktober Minifigures. A small Pick-A-Brick cup later, I also had the Buildable Holiday Present freebie (which I will review later this week). To make matters EVEN better, I had $60 in VIP points saved up from buying Ninjago City Docks last month, some previous purchases, and my wife’s Christmas shopping during the pre-Black Friday double VIP points weekend. I got all of this haul for less than $50 taxes in. I am on cloud nine.

Ninjago Bricktober Minifigure pack.

I really like the Minifigures included in the Ninjago pack. I am on a bit of Ninjago high right now, having just added Ninjago City Docks to my Ninjago City. I am also dreaming about starting my own custom additions to Ninjago City. So, to have more characters to include is always fun. In this pack, you get the Oni Mask of Hatred Harumi, Future Jay, Mohawk, and Kabuki Nya. I opened the package up pretty quickly, and had a lot of fun photographing these guys around Ninjago City.

 At the moment, I don’t watch the Ninjago series, so I don’t know much about these characters. But, I do think they look cool. I really wanted the Oni Mask of Hatred, and Kabuki Nya. Both Harumi and Nya come with double sided faces. Harumi obviously wears the mask as her head piece, and Nya sports a hairpiece similar to that of the non-Ninjago Movie sets. Both characters also feature front and back torso printing, and front leg printing. Harumi has some arm detailing, and comes with an additional armor piece, and two red katanas. Nya has a printed fan. If I was reviewing these characters as part of a set, they would earn 93%. Both are wonderfully detailed.

Future Jay and Mohawk are also very well designed Minifigures. Jay has a pretty generic hairpiece, but Mohawk (as his name suggests) comes with a black mohawk. Neither has a double sided face, but Mohawk does have a stubble printed on the back of his head. Like Harumi and Nya, both of these guys have front and back printed torsos, and leg printing. Jay comes with a staff, Mohawk with a bat. I quite like the Mohawk Minifigure, but I do find Jay to be a little bland compared to the others in the pack. All the same, these two would get a solid 83% if I was reviewing them in a set. Overall, that would give these Minifigs a collective design score of 88%.

Mohawk from the Ninjago Brictober pack.

All in all, this November haul has been one of my best in terms of value. I got a great set set on sale, and with VIP points thrown in, it was a downright steal. Adding a cup of bricks that I wanted to my bill got me two freebies. All of that for under $50! How did you make out this Black Friday? Let me know about your hauls in comments below.

Kabuki Nya from the Ninjago Bricktober pack.

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Mask of Hatred Harumi from the Ninjago Bricktober pack.
Future Jay from the Ninjago Bricktober pack.

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  1. Here in the U.S., we have to get our Bricktober mini-figures at Barnes and Nobel, since we don’t have Toys R Us anymore. It was not the best Lego buying experience I’ve had, but I did at least get the Harry Potter figures I wanted on Black Friday. So I guess it worked out okay.

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