September 30, 2023

Outdoor Adventures People Pack

Outdoor Adventures has been out for a while now, since summer 2018 to be exact. It has been on my wish list from the get-go, but I chose to wait until it was on sale. I had hoped for an amazing discount. However, after over a year of waiting, I finally gave up and settled for a 20% off sale. I like the outdoors, so this Minifigure set really appeals to me. However, was Outdoor Adventures worth the wait?

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Outdoor Adventures People Pack box art.
Outdoor Adventures People Pack box art.

Outdoor Adventures People Pack Summary

  • NAME: People Pack – Outdoor Adventures
  • SET #: 60202
  • THEME: City
  • COST: $49.99 CAD
  • BRICK COUNT: 164
  • OF INTEREST: An eagle, a mountain bike, a raft, and a tent.
  • RELEASE DATE: June 2, 2018
Outdoor Adventures people pack mountain biker.
Mountain biking!

Short Review of Outdoor Adventures

  • VALUE: 90% (Good value compared to Minifigure blind bags.)
  • BUILD: N/A (This is a people pack, not a standard build.)
  • MINIFIGURES: 90% (Nice Minifigures, great accessories.)
  • ENTERTAINMENT: 95% (Lots of potential for AFOLs, not much building though.)
  • OVERALL: 92%
Outdoor Adventures people pack hiker.
Hiking at Mount Clutchmore.

Outdoor Adventures People Pack Review

VALUE: 90%

Outdoor Adventures will set you back $49.99 in Canada at full price. Since the kit contains 164 pieces, you are looking at a cost-per-brick of $0.30. If this were a regular LEGO® kit, that would be an astronomical price to pay. However, Outdoor Adventures is a people pack. Consequently, the focus of this set is Minifigures, not building. You get 14 Minifigures in this box, so you are paying $3.57 per character. Buying one blind bag from the Minifigures Series costs $4.99 these days. Comparatively, you are saving 28% per Minifigure with Outdoor Adventures. That is good (a discount over 30% is great in my books). Since this is not a typical “build” kit, I will not rate it using my usual value criteria. Because you are getting a good deal on Minifigures, I will grade the value of Outdoor Adventures at 90%. I would rate it higher if the savings were better.

Outdoor Adventures people pack rafters.


As mentioned before, Outdoor Adventures is a people pack, not a standard build. Consequently, there is very little to assemble in this kit. For that reason, I will not be rating this category in this review.

LEGO rafting.
“You take care of the boat.”


There are 14 Minifigures included in Outdoor Adventures. Each one of them comes with unique face printing, as well as front and back torso designs. Seven of them include a double-sided face, and three have leg printing. There are three child Minifigures in the set. Those of you who are familiar with my reviews know that I do not like the stumpy, un-moving legs these characters have. Therefore, this set loses some design points for that. Based on these criteria, I rate the design of these Minifigures at 69%.

In addition to the Minifigures, you also get loads of accessories. There is a raft, a fish, an eagle, a Minifigure baby, a carrying pouch for the baby, two cell phones, a camera, a satchel, two life vests, a frying pan, a mug, a tent, a mountain bike, two printed tile signs, two printed tile fried eggs, a back pack, a hammer, and two hiking sticks. These 23 accessories are some of the best that I have seen in a people pack. The accessories bring the Minifigure design score up to 80%.

A people pack contains mostly Minifigures. As such, they tend to have high brick-to-fig ratios. In this case, we are looking at a ratio of 12:1, which is excellent and earns a score of 100%. Averaging this with the design score yields an overall Minifigure rating of 90%.


From an AFOL perspective, I love this kit. You get so many cool accessories to use in nature scenes, or to stock a sports store in your MOC city. I also got hours of photography fun out of this kit. These characters are great for filling a city too. I give it an AFOL score of 100%.

Outdoor Adventures people pack eagle.
LEGO eagle.

From a KFOL perspective, my gut tells me that Outdoor Adventures is a little less fun. You get many standard people geared towards very specific play scenes. As a kid, I probably would have loved the tent, and playing the occasional camping scene. In fact, one of my favorite sets was the Rocky River Retreat (6552). However, most of my play with LEGO® bricks focused on city-type scenes that I had built. Building is super important. While you do get many characters to enhance play, you do not actually assemble much in this set. I will rate it at 90% from a KFOL perspective. Averaging this with the AFOL score gives Outdoor Adventures an overall entertainment rating of 95%.

Outdoor Adventures people pack photographer.
Nature photography.


As a LEGO® set, Outdoor Adventures is not a good value. However, if you compare it to the Minifigures blind bags, you are getting several characters for a lower price. As an adult and LEGO® photographer, I had a lot of fun with this. I really enjoyed the accessories it included, especially the eagle and tent. While I think that kids may enjoy some of the characters and accessories, there is not much building involved in this kit, and it caters to specific tastes. Overall, I really enjoy Outdoor Adventures. It is my favorite people pack so far, and I do recommend it. What do you think? Be sure to leave a comment below.

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Outdoor Adventures people pack campers.

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