June 3, 2023

Review: Ultrakatty and Warrior Lucy!

I bought Ultrakatty and Warrior Lucy in February, and only recently built and reviewed it. I purchased it because Unikitty is my wife’s favorite. She has even gone so far as to call the character her “spirit animal”. Therefore, I held off on reviewing this set until I had time to do it justice. However, the time has come. As always, I generate scores using a rating system. To find out more, clicking here.

Ultrakatty and Warrior Lucy front box art.
Ultrakatty and Warrior Lucy box art.

Ultrakatty and Warrior Lucy Summary

SET NAME: Ultrakatty and Warrior Lucy!
SET #: 70827
THEME: LEGO® Movie 2
COST: $39.99 CAD
RELEASE DATE: January 5, 2019

Ultrakatty and Warrior Lucy rear box art.
Rear box art for Ultrakatty and Warrior Lucy

Ultrakatty and Warrior Lucy Review Summary

VALUE: 86% (Great value all around.)

BUILD: 95% (Really impressive build.)

MINIFIGURES: 86% (Great characters, but poor brick-to-fig ratio.)

ENTERTAINMENT: 100% (Great for fans of Unikitty, awesome for play.)


Ultrakatty and Warrior Lucy box contents.
Ultrakatty and Warrior Lucy box contents.


VALUE: 86%

The Ultrakatty set retails for $39.99 in Canada, and contains 348 pieces. Correspondingly, at full price, you are paying $0.11 per brick. That is actually pretty good. My current average based on all the sets that I have reviewed over the last few years is $0.14. I rate the per-brick-value of this set at 90%.

Ultrakatty, Warrior Lucy, and Emmet.
Group shot!

I built this set in 47 minutes to build from start to finish. At $39.99, that translates into a cost-per-minute of $0.79, which is good. I rate that at 82%. Averaging the cost-per-brick score with this one gives Ultrakatty and Warrior Lucy an overall value grade of 86%.

Warrior Lucy
Lucy’s “Never Stop” shield is awesome!

BUILD: 95%

There are two builds in this kit. The main build is Ultrakatty. However, you also get a small Duplo Invader to assemble. Our Duplo friend is not actually made from Duplo, but regular LEGO® bricks. There is a little knob built into the back of his head that causes the eyeball on the front to spin.

Duplo Invader
Duplo Invader!!!

Ultrakatty is a really fun build. The design is really well thought out, and has 18 main points of articulation. Additionally, there are 14 smaller movable parts (most spikes move). Ultrakatty is fairly sturdy as well, and can stand up to play. The only point of contention that I have is the changeability of the faces. Ultrakatty has three interchangeable faces, but changing from one to another requires taking apart the head and rebuilding it. It’s not a big deal to do, but it is a minor annoyance all the same. Changing it should only require removing one extra brick. Despite that, I still really like that Ultrakatty has more than one expression. Consequently, I will only remove half a mark for that annoyance. Ultrakatty earns 9.5/10 (95%).

Ultrakatty and Warrior Lucy
Ultrakatty and Warrior Lucy


You get two Minifigures with this set: Lucy and Emmet. Lucy is almost identical to the one that came in Welcome to Apocalypseburg (click here to read my review), though her expressions are different. Emmet is exactly the same as in Rex’s Rex-treme Offroader (click here to read my review). However, they are well designed. Both have double-sided faces, front and back torso printing, and front leg printing. Lucy also has side printing on her arms and legs. Just based on these details, I rate them at 26/30 (87%). But, you also get some fun accessories. Lucy comes with a crossbow, a scarf, and an awesome shield. The shield is a re-purposed stop sign with the word “never” scribbled on it. As far as I can tell, that is an exclusive accessory to this set.  I rate the design for these characters at 29/30 (97%).

Two Minifigures in a set containing 348 pieces gives you a brick-to-Minifigure ratio of 174-to-1. My average is currently 142-to-1, so this is okay. I rate that at 74%. Averaging this score with the design score above gives an overall Minifigure grade of 86%.

Ultrakatty and Warrior Lucy
Side view of Ultrakatty.


For this part of the review, I deferred to my wife, the Unikitty fan. From her adult collector’s perspective (she has many Unikitty figurines), this is a great set worthy of display (though not in the living room). The AFOL score is 100%. Kids will also enjoy this. Ultrakatty is a fully articulated, buildable character. She is also a main character in the film, so there is a lot of fun to be had with this set. I rate it at 100% for play as well.

Ultrakatty and Warrior Lucy
A posterior dorsal view of Ultrakatty.


Ultrakatty and Warrior Lucy is a great set. Perhaps even my favorite of the LEGO® Movie 2 sets, with the exception of Welcome to Apocalypseburg. This set is a great value, even at full price. You get three main characters from the film, and each of them is really well designed. The only real drawback is that you don’t get very many Minifigures. But, all things considered, I love it (so does my wife), and I recommend it.

Happy Ultrakitty.

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Angry Ultrakatty
Really angry Ultrakitty.
Emmet and Ultrakatty
Don’t mention raisins….

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