September 30, 2023

Review: Ferrari 488 GT3

The Ferrari 488 GT3 is my very first Speed Champions set. I figured it was high time that my LEGO® city Minifigures got some sweet rides. I also had a little bit of space left in my LAN order, so I figured why not try the theme out?

NOTE: This set was provided to me by The LEGO® Group for review purposes. However, the provision of sets does not guarantee a favorable review. I will use my usual rating system (click here to learn more), and provide my honest opinion.

Ferrari 488 GT3 box art
Ferrari 488 GT3 box art.


NAME: Ferrari 488 GT3 “Scuderia Corsa”
SET #: 75886
THEME: Speed Champions
COST: $18.99 CAD
RELEASE DATE: March 2, 2018

Ferrari 488 GT3 box art
Back of Ferrari 488 GT3 box.


VALUE: 96% (Really good cost/brick, excellent build-time.)

BUILD: 85% (Really nice look, but there are some small design issues.)

MINIFIGURES: 83% (Great Minifigure, but a bad brick-to-fig ratio.)

ENTERTAINMENT: 100% (Great for display and play.)


Ferrari 488 GT3 set contents.
Ferrari 488 GT3 box contents.


VALUE: 96%

The Ferrari 488 costs $18.99 in Canada, and comes with 179 pieces. That translates to a cost per brick of $0.11, which is actually pretty good. This set clocks in below my current average of $0.14/brick. The value per brick for the Ferrari 488 is 91%.

Front view of Ferrari 488 GT3.
LEGO® Ferrari 488 GT3 “Scuderia Corsa”

The set took me 40 minutes to build. Consequently, at $18.99, each minute of build time cost $0.47. Again, that is really good. My current average cost per minute of build time is $0.84. As a result, I rate the build-time value for the Ferrari 488 at 100%. Averaging this with the cost per brick gives us an overall value score of 96%.

Side view of Ferrari 488 GT3
LEGO® Ferrari 488 GT3 “Scuderia Corsa”

BUILD: 85%

I enjoyed putting this set together, and the end result is a really sleek looking car. I picked up the Ferrari 488 because my LEGO® city needs more sporty cars, and this one did not disappoint. Up until this point, I have only ever built the cars that come in City theme sets, the occasional Jurassic World truck, or one of the plethora of Bat-vehicles. This kit does not contain any majorly new build techniques, but I appreciated the combination of parts used to create an authentic look.

Rear view of Ferrari 488 GT3.
LEGO® Ferrari 488 GT3 “Scuderia Corsa”

This set comes with a lot of stickers. Stickers can be a pain in the butt, but in this case, they didn’t bother me too much. As I mentioned before, I wanted this set to serve as a sports car in my city, not to be a race car on a track. So, all the advertising and numbers really were not for me. I left off a good chunk of the stickers, and the set still looks good without them.

Front view of Ferrari 488 GT3.
LEGO® Ferrari 488 GT3 “Scuderia Corsa”

The Ferrari 488 set has a lot of stickers, but still looks good without them.

There are a couple of issues that I have with this set. First and foremost, I like my cars to have actual doors. While it would have been hard to include doors in this set and still maintain the look of the car, it is none-the less a preference I have. The car looks really good though, so I won’t harp on that too much. My other complaint is that the driver only fits into the car properly when wearing a helmet. She comes with a hairpiece too, but with the hairpiece on, the roof of the car is a hair away from closing properly. This means that many Minifigure hairdos simply won’t fit in this car. I’ll only deduct half a mark for the doors, but it looses a full point for the hair issue. The Ferrari 488 is still a nice build though, and it earns 8.5/10 (85%).

Accessories included in set.
This set comes with a buildable trophy, a change of hubcaps, a wrench, and a racing helmet.


There is only one Minifigure included in the Ferrari 488 kit. She comes with a racing helmet as well as a hairpiece. I really like when LEGO® sets include both options for Minifigures. This Minifig does not come with a double-sided face, but she does have front and back torso printing. Her legs are just plain red. In terms of accessories, you get a buildable trophy. Normally I would not count a buildable object as a Minifigure accessory, but the main body of this is made up of a clear chalice and a clear Minifigure head. The chalice is an actual accessory, and I can never have enough of those clear Minifigure heads to reuse as street lamps in my city. There is also an alternate set of hubcaps for the car, and a wrench. In terms of design, I give this Minifigure a score of 14/15 (93%).

Front view of driver Minifigure.
Front view of the Ferrari 488 Minifigure.

One Minifigure in a kit containing 179 bricks is a pretty easy brick-to-fig ratio to calculate. That is not a great ratio, but earns a satisfactory 72%. Even though a race car is typically driven by only one driver, I think this set could have included a second Minifigure in the form of a pit crew member, or journalist, or even a commentator. That would have made the ratio MUCH better for this set. Averaging the ratio score with the design score gives the Ferrari 488 kit an overall Minifigure rating of 83%.

Rear view of driver Minifigure.
Rear view of the Ferrari 488 Minifigure.


I don’t have much to complain about it terms of entertainment with this set. It looks great, and I will be keeping it on display in my city. I also had a lot of fun photographing it. As a kid, I collected Hot Wheels like there was no tomorrow, and I loved racing them. I remember wishing the cars were a little bigger and could fit characters in them for more play. The LEGO® Group didn’t have a line like this back then, but if it had, it would have fit the bill perfectly for me. So, as an adult I love this set. As a kid, I also would have loved this set. I give the Ferrari 488 a solid 100% for entertainment.

Ferrari 488 GT3 interior access.
A Minifigure can be placed inside the Ferrari 488 by removing the roof.


As my first foray into the theme of Speed Champions, I am impressed with the Ferrari 488. You get a great looking car that comes at a really good value. I think that this set is a really nice display piece, as well as a fun toy. I wish the roof had been made just a touch higher to accommodate Minifigure hairpieces, and that it came with more than one character. But, overall, I do recommend this set.

Ferrari 488 GT3 interior.
The Ferarri 488 cockpit.

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