December 3, 2023

First LAN Haul!!!

I shared some pretty big news in May about how True North Bricks became a Recognized LEGO® Fan Media (RLFM) site. That was a pretty big milestone for me, and really felt like a major validation of the work I have put into this site. Along with my RLFM status, I also became an ambassador through LEGO® Ambassador Network (LAN). There have been loads of perks associated with that, including being able to connect with AFOLs around the world, and advanced access to LEGO® news that I can share with all of you. However, one of the biggest surprises of joining the LAN has been access to LEGO® sets. I recently received my first haul from the LAN, which was provided free of charge for reviewing purposes here on True North Bricks.

The site that awaited me after work the other day, when I got home.

I teased the above picture on Instagram and Facebook yesterday. It was the sight that greeted me when I got home. I was not too thrilled about FedEx just leaving it all on my porch, but I was overall really too excited to complain. I will probably just have the next batch shipped to work to avoid that again. In any case, I thought that I would share my joy with all of you, and let you know what reviews you have to look forward to in the coming weeks.

My latest haul, compliments of The LEGO® Group.

While I have wanted the Monastery of Spinjitzu and the Hogwarts Dining Hall for some time, it is really Welcome to Apocalypseburg that has me the most excited in this haul. I have been dying to get my hands on this set, and all of the unique Minifigures in it, ever since it was announced. I was actually not planning on buying it because of the huge price tag, so I can’t even describe my shock and amazement that it has just been given to me. So, a super huge thanks to The LEGO® Group and the LEGO® Ambassador Network for making this happen!

I would love to hear your thoughts on my review selection in the comments below. If there is a particular set that you want me to review first, why not mention that as well!

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5 thoughts on “First LAN Haul!!!

  1. Congratulations on the RLFM recognition!!!! I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures of Apocalypseburg and Hogwarts – they’re two sets that I won’t be getting but I’m still interested to see what’s inside the buildings!

  2. I’m excited for all the reviews! I have the Apocalypseburg set myself, but it’s still in the box. I just haven’t had time for it yet. I’ll be super interested in what you have to say about that one!

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