December 8, 2023

Review: Emmet’s Piece Offering

When I went to my local Walmart recently, I found they were selling an exclusive edition of the LEGO® Movie 2 that came with the Emmet’s Piece Offering polybag. In this week’s review, I thought I would take a closer look at the set, and determine if it is worth the extra cost of buying the special edition of the movie over the polybag-less version. As always, if you are curious about how I generate scores in this review,  you can check out my rating system by clicking here.

The special edition of the LEGO® Movie 2 that comes with Emmet’s Piece Offering.


NAME: Emmet’s Piece Offering
SET #: 30340
THEME: The LEGO® Movie 2
COST: Free… but $4.00 CAD… see below…
RELEASE DATE: May 7, 2019

Emmet’s Piece Offering polybag


VALUE: 86% (Great value per brick, satisfactory build time.)

BUILD: 60% (Nothing special here, but a nice prop from the film.)

MINIFIGURES: 90% (Standard Emmet, great brick:fig.)

ENTERTAINMENT: 80% (Might be fun for playing out movie scenes.)

Emmet’s Piece Offering polybag contents.


VALUE: 86%
Emmet’s Piece Offering is “free” in that it comes inside the box for the LEGO® Movie 2 when you buy it at Walmart in Canada. However, the special edition that includes this polybag is $4.00 more expensive that buying the standard Blu-ray/DVD combo pack (I paid $28.96 for the special edition as opposed to $24.96 for the standard). So, you actually do end up paying $4.00 to get this 44 piece polybag. That works out to $0.09 per brick, which is a really good value, and earns 100%. These polybags normally retail for $4.99 in Canada, so you end up saving a dollar overall, and $0.02/brick.

Emmet’s Piece Offering front view.

This is a really short build. I had it put together in five minutes. So, at $4.00, that means that each minute of build time cost $0.80. That is not terrible as far as polybags go. In terms of LEGO® sets in general, it is only satisfactory though. I rate the build time value at 72%. Averaging this with the cost-per-brick score gives Emmet’s Piece Offering an overall value rating of 86%.

Emmet’s Piece Offering rear view.

BUILD: 60%
Nothing to write home about in this category. You build a giant heart. It’s neat from the perspective of a fan of the LEGO® Movie 2 because this build plays an important role in the film. But, there are no wow-factor build techniques or features. There’s nothing I don’t like about it, so I won’t take off points. I can throw a point its way for being true to the movie. Final build score: 60%.

Front view of Emmet Minifigure.

You get one Minifigure in this polybag: Emmet Brickowski. I don’t have any other LEGO® Movie 2 Emmets to compare this one to yet, other than the one from the Minifigure series. Compared to that one, the uniform is the same, but the face print and hair are different. From what I can tell from the boxes of other sets though, this Emmet is pretty standard. His facial expressions might be different, but I won’t say that with 100% certainty at this point. Rating him as though I was seeing this character for the first time, I would give him 12/15 (80%). He doesn’t come with accessories, so no extra points there. But, one Minifigure in a 44 piece kit is an excellent brick-to-fig ratio (100%). Averaging the design and ratio scores gives Emmet’s Piece Offering a total Minifigure rating of 90%.

Rear view of Emmet Minifigure.

Emmet’s Piece Offering as part of this exclusive movie offer is cheaper than buying Minifigure a blind bag if you intend to get the movie anyway. It also saves on time feeling up blind bags. So, in that sense, this is a pretty easy and inexpensive way to get your hands on an Emmet Minifigure… but he is pretty standard in the LEGO® Movie 2 theme, so I don’t know if that says much. The heart piece is fun to have for a movie buff, but I won’t say more than that so as not to ruin the plot twist associated it in the film. I might display it for a while with my LEGO® Movie 2 Minifigures, but probably will not keep it around indefinitely. It might be fun for kids who want to play out movie scenes though. I give it an entertainment score of 80%.

Emmet’s alternate face.


I like Emmet’s Piece Offering, and in the end, I don’t regret paying $4.00 extra for the movie to get it. Was it a must have? Probably not, but it is fun to have. What are your thoughts on the set? Feel free to leave a comment below.

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