Minifigure Monday – The Sad Life of a Used Crayon

The Sad Life of a Used Crayon

(An original Minifigure inspired poem from True North Bricks)

Out of the box, sharp and new,
Crisp and brightly colored too.
This is how I came to you,
Ready to create and do.

It was then you went to town,
And you really pushed me down.
No care how long I would last,
You just wanted something fast.

The task ahead did really daunt,
But I gave you what you want.
A pretty picture, paper thin,
That you’re quick to call a win.

Left behind, dulled down and used,
Feeling useless and abused.
A story you will not dwell on,
The sad life of a used crayon.

This poem was inspired by the Crayon Girl Minifigure from the LEGO® Movie 2 series.


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