December 7, 2023

The Big Time.

Some of you might recall that I passed my three year mark as a blogger last March. I updated the look of True North Bricks, got some affiliate programs up and running, and started a few new monthly editorials to spice things up a bit. Well, it looks like year three is going to be even bigger than I thought. I have some pretty big news. True North Bricks has hit the big time, and is now…

While I am really psyched about this, you might be asking yourself: “what is he talking about?” Well, I have now joined the LEGO® Ambassador Network (LAN – click here to visit the official site), and I have been recognized by the LEGO® Group’s Adult Fan of LEGO (AFOL) Engagement Team as an outlet providing articles that relate to LEGO® news, products, and the LEGO® Brand.

What does this mean for my long time readers? Well, True North Bricks will remain True North Bricks. But, I might be able to provide you with better news, reviews, and events moving forward.

So, a big thank you to all of you who read my content week after week, follow me on various social media platforms, and support True North Bricks by making purchases through my affiliate links. It means the world to me that I am able to connect to so many of you, and that what I am doing here has some meaning to you. True North Bricks would not have hit this milestone without your support.

Here’s to many more milestones!


5 thoughts on “The Big Time.

  1. Awesome news for you! I have enjoyed your blog especially the tours of your city and love the friday deals updates. I also appreciate the quick responces to my comments, nice to feel my comments are being read. hopefully you will still remember the little people…..LOL!!

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