September 27, 2023

Creator Expert Price Hike?

This past March, I picked up the latest Creator Expert modular building, the Corner Garage. As many of you know, the LEGO® Group releases one of these large buildings each year. Generally speaking, though the price tag of each of these buildings is high, you are actually getting a great value in terms of the cost of each brick in the set. Buying one of these sets is like buying LEGO® bricks in bulk. This year, as I was preparing my review of the Corner Garage, I realized that the price per brick had gone up. Don’t get me wrong, the set is still a great value. But, it is not the amazing value I have come to expect from these sets. The slideshow below shows the modulars produced so far, with a look at the price-per-brick in the caption (all images are official product images, © LEGO Group who does not sponsor, authorize, or endorse True North Bricks).

As you can see, the best value modular buildings in the Creator Expert line have been Assembly Square and the Parisian Restaurant (both at $0.08/brick). Most other sets have stayed pretty consistent at $0.09/brick, with the exception of the Pet Shop, which clocked in at $0.10/brick. I wrote Cafe Corner in at $0.10/brick as well, but I can’t actually confirm that 100%. As far as I can tell, this set was not officially retailed in Canada, so I assumed it would have marketed for $199.99 CAD like the other early modular buildings did. Given that the average price per brick of these Creator Expert sets has been $0.09/brick, the sudden jump to $0.11/brick seen with the Corner Garage took me a little by surprise. Is this a taste of things to come, or a result of something else like the higher cost of individual pieces included in the set? Only time will tell, I suppose. What do you think? Feel free to comment below.

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