Minifigure Monday – Popcorn

(An original LEGO® inspired poem from True North Bricks)

Kernels come from a corn crop,
But how do you make them pop?
Take a moment and you’ll see,
It’s about anatomy.
In the kernel is the germ,
It’s fed by the endosperm.
The germ is what makes a plant,
But, in this case, it just can’t.
Endosperm is a wet carb,
And pericarp is its garb.
Heat makes wet evaporate,
And enter the gaseous state.
Pressure builds up pretty soon,
Just like air in a balloon.
The pericarp will be torn,
And the starch is now popcorn.

This poem was inspired by the Popcorn Cart polybag.


  1. HAHA Good one!
    Do take some time out to look at my poems aswell!!

    1. Thanks! I certainly will have a look 🙂

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