Minifigure Monday – A Snake’s Perspective

A Snake’s Perspective
(An original Minifigure inspired poem from True North Bricks)

Come and see the snake charmer,
He’ll face death without armor.
Through a flute his music plays,
As the serpent gently sways.
Easily, its fangs could kill,
Yet the beast bends to his will!

The crowd will gobble up the tale,
And to check the facts, they’ll fail.
Don’t just follow the collective,
And forget the snake’s perspective.
A cobra cannot hear the flute,
The tune it plays is all but mute.

In a trance, the snake is not,
Self-defense, his only thought.
Taken from his humble home,
And no longer free to roam.
He watches as the charmer sways,
With a calculating gaze.

This poem was inspired by the Snake Charmer from Minifigures Series 13.


  1. J.S. Pailly says:

    I really like this one. Always good to remember that animals do not think the way we do.

    1. Thanks! I was shocked to learn recently that many “charmers” actually sew the mouths of the snakes closed, leaving only a little opening for the tongue. This way the snake can’t bite. Sadly, the snake dies in these cases…

      1. J.S. Pailly says:

        WHAT?!?! That is terrible!!!

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