September 29, 2023

LEGO® Haul: March 2019

The end of the month is here, and it is time to share this month’s LEGO® haul! It’s not a big one this month… well, it is a big set, but not a large number of sets. I decided early in the month that I would only make a purchase in March if double VIP points rolled around, and it did. So, this month’s purchase is none other than the Corner Gas Station! Now I just need time to build it…

Front of the Corner Gas Station box.

Double VIP points has been an annual even in March for a few years now. I always wait for it before I go out and buy the year’s Creator Expert modular building. In the past, the LEGO® Store used to advertise double points as a month long event on the monthly calendar. Last year, that changed, and they just announced it on the day it began. This year was the same. But, in the end, I got over 500 VIP points for this buy, which is over $25. I’ve been saving up my points too, so I’ve got a decent freebie in my future. I know I’ve said it before, but these double points events are the time to buy those big sets you’ve been eyeing. You still have until Sunday, March 31 to take advantage!

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Back of the Corner Gas Station box.

Did you take advantage of double VIP points? Or maybe you have some thoughts on the LEGO® Group no longer advertising when double points is coming? Feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below. Also, if you like the content at True North Bricks, I would love it if you followed me here on WordPress (click the “follow” option in the menu to your right), FacebookPinterest, or Twitter for regular updates.

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      1. By the way, as an FYI: I used your link to order my stuff. It took me to the Canadian Lego store, and I had to change my region to the U.S. I hope you still get credit for that.

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