September 25, 2023

Review: Indoraptor Rampage… (75930)

Occasionally, the LEGO® Group releases sets with unnecessarily long-winded names. Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate is one such set. I think Indoraptor Rampage would have been a sufficient title, but that’s just me. For the purposes of this review, that’s what I’ll call it. Despite it’s super long title, this set is a blast in terms of play possibilities. You also get two dinosaurs. Let’s take a deeper look.

As always, my scores in this review are based on my rating scale, which you can read by clicking here if you are interested.

Box art for Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate (75930)


NAME: Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate
SET #: 75930
THEME: Jurassic World
COST: $149.99 CAD
OF INTEREST: 2 adult dinosaurs, 1 baby dinosaur, 1 motorcycle
RELEASE DATE: April 17, 2018

Indoraptor Rampage (75930) box contents


VALUE: 53% (Decent price per brick, but little build time for the price.)
BUILD: 70% (Attention to detail is hit and miss.)
MINIFIGURES: 75% (Nice designs, great dinos, passable brick:fig.)
ENTERTAINMENT: 90% (Great brick selection, and I think kids will love it.)

The titular character from Indoraptor Rampage (75930)


VALUE: 53%
Indoraptor Rampage costs $149.99 in Canada. With 1019 pieces in the kit, you are looking at a cost per brick of $0.15. That is a touch above my current average. All the same, it remains a good value per brick, even at full price. I rate Indoraptor Rampage at 80% in that category.

Blue also comes with Indoraptor Rampage (75930)

Indoraptor Rampage took me two hours and 25 minutes to build (145 minutes total). At $149.99, that means that each minute of build time cost $1.03. Sadly, that is not a lot of build time for the price that you are paying. That earns this set 26% for build-time value. Averaging that score with the cost per brick earns Indoraptor Rampage an overall value rating of 53%.

Owen gets another motorcycle in Indoraptor Rampage (75930)

BUILD: 70%
Overall, I think the exterior facade of this building looks good. The drainage pipes are a nice touch. I particularly like the design of the windows. They pop out, similar to the Creator Modular Modern Home (click here to read my review). However, here the design makes sense, since it is meant to be a play feature for the dinosaurs to crash through. The windows also fit fairly tightly into place.

The exterior of Lockwood Estate is nicely designed.

In terms of staying true to the film, some effort was made. The triceratops fossil is probably my favorite touch. There is also a bedroom on the top floor with a bed Minifigures can hide under. However, most of the details fall short of my expectations. The lab, for example, is on the second floor. If memory serves, it was actually in the basement in the movie. Then there is the museum section of the estate. Some effort was made to recreate this, however, a big part of the scene involved characters hiding in the displays. You can’t put Minifigures in the displays in this set.

The triceratops fossil in Indoraptor Rampage is probably one of the nicest details included.

My major point of contention with this set is that it feels thin. By “thin”, I mean the building is literally not thick. It lacks substance as a result, and there isn’t an awe-inspiring amount of detail on the inside.

The lab in Indoraptor Rampage.

What I like about Indoraptor Rampage:

  • The exterior facade looks nice.
  • The gutter drainage pipes are a nice touch.
  • The window design is clever.
  • The triceratops fossil is a nice design.
Top floor of Lockwood Estate.

What I don’t like about Indoraptor Rampage:

  • The building is a little thin, and lacks substance.
  • Effort was made to be true to the movie, but not enough.

All things considered, Indoraptor Rampage is an okay set in terms of design. It has some neat aspects, but also a number of not so impressive ones. I rate it at 70%.

Front entrance of Lockwood Estate.

Minifigure design is probably the category in which Indoraptor Rampage really shines. Claire is identical to the one we got in the Gyrosphere Escape set (click here to read it), and Owen has the same facial expressions. But, in terms of design, all of these characters are pretty solid. As usual, I don’t like that a stumpy ape-child was included, but I guess that was inevitable since there was a child character in the film. Based on the look and printing of these characters, I would already give them 63/90 (70%). But, you also get a number of accessories, including a baby dino, dino egg, dart gun, 2 darts, an axe, a motorcycle, a walkie, an umbrella, a map, and a printed tile keyboard and brick screen. That adds an additional 12 points, bringing the score up to 75/90 (83%).

There are six actual Minifigures in Indoraptor Rampage. However, you also get two awesome dinosaurs. Including the dinosaurs in the brick-to-Minifigure ratio means you get 8 characters in a kit containing 1019 parts. That means you have a brick:fig of about 127:1. That is not great, but it is not terrible. It earns a score of 67%. Averaging this with the design score gives and overall Minifigure rating of 75%.

Normally, I would actually rate this set pretty low in terms of my enjoyment. I don’t plan to keep it built, but it contains A LOT of awesome pieces I will reuse in MOCs. I also found myself wishing I’d had a set like this when I was a kid. So, I am a bit torn on how to rate this. From an adult collector’s perspective, I don’t have much use for this set, but I love the parts and characters that come with it. From a kid’s perspective, I would have loved to recreate scenes from the movie with this set. There are a number of play features to add to the adventures too. All of the windows pop out, the skylight has a release knob to allow characters to come crashing down, and you can hide Minifigures under the bed. I guess because I found it so easy to imagine myself having fun with this set at a younger age, I will give it 9/10 (90%). It won’t give it full marks simply because there isn’t much to this set from an AFOL’s perspective, other than loads of great bricks and characters.

One play feature allows the skylight to flip down, dropping characters into the building.


Indoraptor Rampage is a satisfactory set, but nothing to write home about from an AFOL perspective. It fails my assessment in terms of value because, while it has a decent value per brick, it doesn’t actually give much build time relative to the cost. The build itself is sort of hit and miss in terms of design as well. You get a lot of re-usable bricks, but the set is not a keeper in my mind. However, from a kid’s point of view, this set might be a lot of fun. There are great characters, and there is enough semblance to the film that you can re-enact many scenes from the movie. My overall feel for Indoraptor Rampage is that it is a good brick-box for adults, and fun for kids. If you wait for a sale, say 20% off, the whole thing would be much more worth it. At around $120, I would rate this set better at 80%.

Dinosaurs included in Indoraptor Rampage.

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