September 22, 2023

Review: Rex’s Plantimal Ambush (30460)

For a couple of weeks in February 2019, spending over $40 at the LEGO® Store earned you a free Rex’s Planitmal Ambush polybag. I happened to acquire said polybag with my February haul. This week, I thought we would take a proper look at it. As always, if you are curious how I generate my scores, you can check out my rating system.

Rex’s Plantimal Ambush polybag


NAME: Rex’s Plantimal Ambush
SET #: 30460
THEME: The LEGO® Movie 2
COST: $4.99 CAD value
OF INTEREST: a purple crab
RELEASE DATE: February 8, 2019

What’s included in the polybag.


VALUE: 100% (It was free, you can’t beat that.)
BUILD: 80% (Pretty simple, but nice designs.)
MINIFIGURES: 97% (This Minifig is awesome!)
ENTERTAINMENT: 100% (Lots of fun for kids & adults alike.)

“Plantimal scum!!!”


VALUE: 100%
This set was actually free with purchase, so you can’t really complain about price. However, it is advertised as having a value of $4.99 in Canada. It is also not unheard of for these promotional polybags to end up for sale at various retailers once the promo is over. So, if we look at this set from a cost per brick perspective, you would be paying $0.16/brick. That is not good, but not bad, and I would rate it at 76%.

“Are you feeling lucky?”

In terms of build time, I had Rex’s gun and the plantimal assembled in 5 minutes. At $4.99, that would mean $1.00 per minute of build time, which is not great at all (32%). But, again, this set didn’t actually cost me anything, so I will go ahead and give it 100% for value as a promotional freebie.

The plantimal

BUILD: 80%
I am not big on building LEGO® guns, so I don’t have much experience with it. However, I did like the gun build in this kit. It looks really neat. The plantimal comes with great plant pieces in colors that I don’t have. It would be worth picking up a few of these just for more of those. You also get a purple crab. But, the “neck” joint (where the crab connects to the base) is a little flimsy. Overall, I give this set 80% in this category.

I like:

  • The overall gun design
  • I really like the barrels on the gun
  • I like the color selection for bricks
  • The use of the purple crab to give the plantimal claws

I don’t like:

  • The plantimal’s design is a little flimsy
Rex Dangervest front view.

As the name of the set suggests, you get Rex Dangervest in Rex’s Plantimal Ambush. Based on the design of this character, I would already give him 13/15 (87%) for the amount of printing present. He has a double-sided face, front and back torso printing , leg printing, and arm printing. I don’t count the gun as an “accessory” because it is a build, and was rated as such. However, you do get a purple crab in this set as part of the plantimal. That brings the score up to 14/15 (93%).

Rex Dangervest rear view.

One Minifigure in a kit containing 32 bricks gives you a brick-to-fig ratio of 31:1. That is excellent, and earns 100%. Averaging this with the design score gives Rex’s Plantimal Ambush an overall Minifigure rating of 97%.

Rex Dangervest alternate face.

This is the cheapest way to get yourself a regular Rex Dangervest Minifigure. There is one in the Minifigure series for the same price, but he wears a cowboy hat. Personally, I think this one would be a better value even if you had to pay for it because you get a number of nice plant pieces, and you don’t have to spend time feeling up blind bags. As a collector and photographer, I really like this Minifigure. As a kid, I think having this pivotal character from the movie would be a lot of fun in terms of play. I will give this set 100% for entertainment.


As a freebie, I give this set a solid score of 94%. I love it. These Minifigure polybags are always my favorites to get with purchases. If this set winds up for sale later on, I would rate it a bit lower, at 83%. The value of purchasing it for $4.99 is not that great. But, I still think it is better than buying the blind bag from the Minifigure series. So, free or purchased, I think this is a good one.

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“Be on the lookout for plantimals!”

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