December 2, 2023

February 2019 Haul

The second month of the year has now come, and is pretty much gone. So, the time has arrived to share this month’s additions to my LEGO® collection, and give you an idea of what to expect in upcoming reviews. As usual, restraint was not a quality I was particularly good at this month, as there were a few good deals.

My February 2019 LEGO® Haul

This month’s haul was not all purchased at once, or even at the same store. Most of it came from the LEGO® Store because of their double VIP points promotion. Since the LEGO® Movie 2 came out this month, you were able to get double points for one weekend only on all associated sets. My wife loves Unikitty, she has even gone so far as to call Unikitty her spirit animal. So, it goes without saying that we would be getting Ultrakatty and Warrior Lucy (70827). I am also a big Batman fan, so I wanted Battle Ready Batman, but I am not quite ready to dish out $400 for Welcome to Apokalypseburg. So, the much more affordable 70836 entered my cart. Finally, I have some plans for Rex’s blue raptor, so I went with the most affordable set that had one: Rex’s Rex-treme Offroader (70826). All of that got me some trading cards and the Rex’s Plantimal Ambush polybag for free.

Rex’s Plantimal Ambush freebie.

I won’t talk much about Rex’s Plantimal Ambush today, and will save that for another post. But, the trading cards I have already taken a closer look at. The deal was that spending $40 or more got you three packs. If you spent more than $80 in one shot, you still only got three packs, as I found out on my purchase. Each pack contains four random cards. There are over 30 card total, so you actually have to spend quite a bit if you want to collect the whole set. I got two doubles in my three packs.

My next purchase this month was a little unplanned. My initial thought had been just to take advantage of double VIP points. However, Chapters sent me a promo email advertising 40% off on select LEGO® sets for a limited time. The last time that happened, I hummed and hawed all day at work, then when I finally decided to go for it later that at home, all the sets I wanted were gone. So, this time, I jumped on the sale during my lunch break. Already, many sets were gone, but I managed to get the Temple of the Ultimate Ultimate Weapon from the Ninjago Movie. I am really psyched about that.

Three of my LEGO® Movie 2 Minifigs.

Finally, I went to Toys R Us earlier this month, and I picked up my first batch of LEGO® Movie 2 Minifigures. I already turned Lucy into a coloring page. But, I managed to find all of the Wizard of Oz characters, and the giraffe. There are some fun projects on the horizon with those.

The rest of my LEGO® Movie 2 Minifigure haul.

Well, there you have it, my LEGO® purchases for this month. Did you make any acquisitions yourself? I’d like to hear about them in the comments below. If you like the content at True North Bricks, I would love it if you followed me here on WordPress (click the “follow” option in the menu to your right), FacebookPinterest, or Twitter for regular updates.

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