September 30, 2023

My Top 5 LEGO Jurassic World Picks

The next installment of the Jurassic World franchise comes out this June, but LEGO has already released the latest tie-in sets. I am really excited about these sets, and the dinosaurs they come with. But, as always, budget restraints mean that I can’t just go out and buy all of the sets. So, I have ranked the sets in terms of value. But, before I jump into my top picks, I have a few words about the theme in general.

LEGO has released eight regular Jurassic World sets, as well as three Juniors sets. I will avoid discussing the Duplo sets here. I have not included the Juniors sets in my ranking because I do not plan to buy any of them. But, it is worth mentioning that they are actually not a bad way to get your hands on some dinosaurs. The Juniors T-rex Breakout and Raptor Rescue Truck are the cheapest way to get a T-rex and a velociraptor respectively. The regular LEGO and Juniors pteradon sets are the same price, but the pteradons are different colors. The Juniors T-rex and pteradon are identical to the ones released in the 2015 sets. The raptor is a new color. While the Juniors sets cost less than the regular LEGO ones overall, you will be paying upwards of $0.30 a brick for the Juniors sets, so they are not the greatest value.

Official LEGO product image for set 10758

In terms of the eight regular LEGO sets, I have taken a look at the overall cost of each set, the price per brick, the brick-to-Minifig ratio, and the overall number of parts to rank them in terms of worst value to best value. If a set had the best value, it was given 8 points. If it had to worst score, it was given 1 point. The points were averaged in the end to rank the sets.

Official LEGO product image for set 75929

8. Carnotaurus Gyrosphere Escape

Set #: 75929
Cost: $99.99 CAD (5th place = 4 points)
Bricks: 577 (3rd place = 6 points)
$/Brick: $0.17 (6th place = 3 points)
Brick:Fig: 144:1 (7th place = 2 points)
Average Point Score: 3.75 (8th place)

My Thoughts: Despite being the lowest scoring set in terms of what you get for the price, this set is a must have for me. You get a new dinosaur in this kit, the Carnotaurus. I will probably wait for a sale or promotion before I pick this one up due to the overall cost of the set, and the high cost per brick. But, I want that dinosaur! Thank fully, the LEGO Store will be offering double VIP points on this set through all of June.

Official LEGO product image for set 75927

7. Stygimoloch Breakout

Set #: 75927
Cost: $39.99 CAD (2nd place = 7 points)
Bricks: 222 (7th place = 2 points)
$/Brick: $0.18 (7th place = 2 points)
Brick:Fig: 74:1 (4th place = 5 points)
Average Point Score: 4 (7th place)

My Thoughts: In truth, at the time I am writing this, I have already purchased this set. In fact, I already reviewed it too (click here to read more). I had a rough week at work recently, and my wonderful wife took me LEGO shopping at the end of it. But, this set was another must have for me due to the new dinosaur.

Official LEGO product image for set 75926

6. Pteradon Chase

Set #: 75926
Cost: $24.99 CAD (1st place = 8 points)
Bricks: 126 (8th place = 1 point)
$/Brick: $0.20 (8th place = 1 point)
Brick:Fig: 42:1 (1st place = 8 points)
Average Point Score = 4.5 (tied for 6th place)

My Thoughts: This is the least expensive set in this year’s Jurassic World assortment. That makes it the cheapest way to get a “dinosaur”. I put quotation marks around “dinosaur” because the pteradon was not actually a member of the dinosaur family. It was a flying reptile. The shape and design of this pteradon are pretty much the same as the one we saw in 2015, but they gave it a bit of a repaint. Instead of red and grey, it is now red and green. This set is not a top priority for me, but it might be worth picking up on liquidation.

Official LEGO product image for set 75933

5. T. rex Transport

Set #: 75933
Cost: $89.99 CAD (4th place = 5 points)
Bricks: 609 (2nd place = 7 points)
$/Brick: $0.15 (4th place = 5 point)
Brick:Fig: 152:1 (8th place = 1 point)
Average Point Score: 4.5 (tied for 6th place)

My Thoughts: Where was this set in 2015? There was a T. rex transport, and I really liked it (click here for my review), but this one looks more realistic overall. I would love to pick up this kit just to get another tyrannosaur. I have the variant from 2015 (which you can also get now in the Juniors set), but I would like to have another one that looks slightly different. That would allow for some recreation of scenes from the The Lost World.

Official LEGO product image for set 75931

4. Dilophosaurus Outpost Attack

Set #: 75931
Cost: $49.99 CAD (tied for 3rd = 6 points)
Bricks: 289 (6th place = 3 points)
$/Brick: $0.17 (5th place = 4 points)
Brick:Fig: 72:1 (3rd place = 6 points)
Average Point Score: 4.75 (4th place)

My Thoughts: Sets that come with fence elements are always cool, but this one is still not a high priority for me. The dilophosaurus was available in the 2015 Jurassic World assortment, and I got one then. I like the color scheme of this dinosaur a little more, with the muted greens as opposed to the fluorescent seen in 2015. But, I might pass on this set all the same (though a good sale might make me change my mind).

Official LEGO product image for set 75930

03. Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate

Set #: 75930
Cost: $149.99 CAD (6th place = 3 points)
Bricks: 1019 (1st place = 8 points)
$/Brick: $0.15 (3rd place = 6 points)
Brick:Fig: 127:1 (6th place = 3 points)
Average Point Score: 5 (3rd place)

My Thoughts: I have looked at the box for this set at the LEGO Store, and I am not crazy about the design. The brick-built triceratops skull is cool, and you get two dinosaurs. But, the building itself is a little bland. It’s something I would expect more in the Friends theme. I still want to pick this set up though. Again, you get two dinosaurs, but it also comes with a lot of bricks in colors that I need, lots of windows, and some neat stickers and accessories.

Official LEGO product image for set 75928

02. Blue’s Helicopter Pursuit

Set #: 75928
Cost: $49.99 CAD (tied for 3rd place = 6 points)
Bricks: 397 (4th place = 5 points)
$/Brick: $0.13 (1st place = 8 points)
Brick:Fig: 99:1 (5th place = 4 points)
Average Point Score: 5.75 (2nd place)

My Thoughts: This set is a skip for me. I don’t really need another helicopter, and the raptor in this set is identical to the one that comes in the Indoraptor Rampage set. I don’t really need two identical Blues, especially since I already have the 2015 variant. This set is a decent value though. It’s cost per brick is almost right on the current average.

Official LEGO product image for set 75932

01. Jurassic Park Velociraptor Chase

Set #: 75932
Cost: $49.99 CAD (tied for 3rd place = 6 points)
Bricks: 360 (5th place = 4 points)
$/Brick: $0.14 (2nd place = 7 points)
Brick:Fig: 72:1 (2nd place = 7 points)
Average Point Score: 6 (1st place)

My Thoughts: I think that a set modeled after the original Jurassic Park is something fans have wanted for a long time. I will buy this set because you get a velociraptor in a new color, but also because of the Alan Grant and Ellie Satler Minifigures. Am I crazy about this set design based on the box? Not really. It has some nostalgic value to it, but I don’t really love the sets that are not stand alone. It would have been cooler if each room in this set was released as a modular that could connect together to make a larger visitors’ center.

Final Thoughts:

As I mentioned at the start, I will not be picking up all of these sets. I ranked them all in terms of which I think are the best value, but that is really only a tie-breaker criterion when it comes to actually buying a set. My top priority is getting some new dinosaurs. I wish LEGO had put out some more herbivores this time around. I would love to get a triceratops, and I would love a brachiosaurus even more. But, as it stands (and ranked in value order), my top five picks for this theme are:

  1. Jurassic Park Velociraptor Chase
  2. Indoraptor Rampage at Lockwood Estate
  3. T. rex Transport
  4. Stygimoloch Breakout
  5. Carnotaurus Gyrosphere Escape

There are a huge number of awesome sets coming out in other LEGO themes this summer. I am loving the look of the new City Arctic Explorer sets, the add on to Ninjago City, and those roller coasters, but I will chat about those in a future post. So whether or not I actually get all of my Jurassic World picks, who knows. It’s fun to dream though.

What are your top picks for the Jurassic World theme? I would love to hear your plans in the comments below.

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  1. It’s good to know about the juniors sets. If that’s a cheaper way to pick up a dinosaur or two, I might go that route. But right now, I’m trying to cut back on Lego spending so I can save up for the new Harry Potter stuff.

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