September 29, 2023

“S” is for Suicide Squad


As the third week of the April A-to-Z Blogging Challenge comes to a close, I present to you my “S” is for Suicide Squad post. This is actually the post that started it all in terms of my A-to-Z theme this year. I acquired the LEGO Killer Croc Sewer Smash set last summer on liquidation (click here to read my review). It came with a Minifigure of Katana, who was a character in Suicide Squad. I had already made a LEGO-fied poster for the movie, but there was a character poster of Katana made for the film that I quite liked as well. So, I decided to make another LEGO-fied poster. As I was working on the project, it suddenly occurred to me that it would be really cool as an A-to-Z theme in which one LEGO-fied poster came out every day throughout April. So, I finished my Katana poster, and stuffed it in my back pocket.

The first LEGO-fied Suicide Squad poster that I made.

I am a pretty big DC Comics fan. Despite the bad rap that the DCEU films have gotten, I like them all. Suicide Squad was by no means my favorite, but it did still entertain me. This LEGO-fied project came about mostly because I like the look of the original movie poster, but it is also another shout out to DC Comics.

The Katana Minifigure photo that I used to make this post.

This poster was made by taking a photograph of the Katana Minifigure and superimposing it onto a background that I drew digitally in Photoshop. I tried to recreate the animated background of the original poster as faithfully as possible. I really like to draw, so this project was a lot of fun for me as it didn’t involve only editing photographs. I have a couple more drawn projects coming up next week for this challenge, so stay tuned!

A clearer view of the background that I drew for this poster.

This post was made as part of the April A-to-Z Blogging Challenge, click here to visit the official website and learn more about the challenge. I always welcome your thoughts and stories related to my posts in the comments space below!

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LEGO-fied Katana Suicide Squad poster.

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