December 4, 2023

At it again… and it’s still February.

I just posted about my LEGO haul for the month the other day (click here to read about it). I got a bunch of stuff on Valentine’s Day at the LEGO Store in order to get myself the freebie sunflower. Well, yesterday I did my usual rundown of Canadian LEGO deals for the week (click here if you are interested), and found another fun one. My wife is out of town, meaning so is my conscience. So, after work I swung by Toys R Us. They were having sales on some sets I was interested in, and spending $30 got you the LEGO Creator “Cute Pug” polybag for free. When I got to the store, there were signs all over the place advertising last week’s promo as well, which was a $10 LEGO rebate card for March that came with purchases over $50. So, again, I spent more than I planned to.

LEGO haul #2 for February 2018

But, (and this part is for my wife who may read this before I get a chance to tell her what I did) I got a good deal! The set I bought was 20% off, I got a $10 gift card, and a LEGO pug worth $5.00. Additionally, if you really think about it, I spent my VIP points and last Christmas gift card at the LEGO Store earlier in the week. So, in reality, I only bought one set this month… I have such a wonderful and understanding wifey 🙂

LEGO 30542 Cute Pug

The pug, as its name suggests, is actually quite cute. It is officially numbered as Creator set 30542, and consists of 68 bricks. The large majority of those go towards building the pug, but you also get a fire hydrant for puggy to pee on. It is a three in one build, so you can get a turkey and a koala out of the same bricks. I was not able to figure out that the third build was a koala, I had to look that one up on LEGO’s official site… My receipt shows that this set would normally retail for $4.99 if you don’t get it through this promotion. That means each brick would cost $0.07, which is actually an excellent value even if you buy this guy. So, if you like pugs and have some other LEGO purchases in mind, this is a decent deal, especially if your Toys R Us still has last week’s promo going along side this one.

As always, feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below. Until next time!


LEGO 30542 Cute Pug

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