September 28, 2023

A Happy Valentine’s Day

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day. As many of you know, the LEGO Store was giving away a freebie sunflower build with purchases of $20 or more. I had some saved up VIP points, and a gift card to spend, so I thought I’d go get myself a little Valentine’s gift. My plan to spend $20 soon disintegrated. My local pick-a-brick wall had an interesting new feature. There was a few containers that had been filled with random pieces. I found some windows and doors, which are quite rare on the wall. There was also some new 1×4 light grey bricks. I am always in need of grey bricks. So, I filled a cup.

My Valentine’s 2018 LEGO haul.

Next, I made my rounds of the store. There are a few sets on my wish list. I have wanted the City Bus Station for a while. The Creator Sunshine Surfer Van was also on my list of must-haves from the January 2018 LEGO catalog (click here to see the list). I picked up both. I have also been filling my Minifigure Monday posts with tales of Larry, the LEGO Barista (click here to start reading about Larry). I’ve got some big plans for Larry, and needed a little something to help with the photography. With my VIP points and my last gift card from Christmas, this haul only cost me $4.00, and I got the flower.

LEGO Friends 30404 sunflower freebie.

I am not 100% sure why this is a “Friends” set, it could have just as easily been a Creator set. But, it was an interesting build. It gave me some interesting ideas for MOC building techniques. The whole thing took me 12 minutes to build.

So, did you take advantage of the LEGO Valentine’s special? I would love to hear what you bought to earn yourself the sunflower! Until next time,


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