September 27, 2023

Caveman & Cavewoman

This month’s gift with purchase at the LEGO store is a caveman and cavewoman Minifigure set. Evolution is one of my favorite topics in science. The gradual shaping of species, and the conditions that lead to speciation has always interested me. While I love all stories of evolution, our own journey from ape to man holds a special fascination for me.

It just rocks my world to think that we were not always the only species of human on the planet. We actually coexisted, and intermingled, with several other species of humans during our brief tenure on Earth. Can you imagine walking out in the wilderness during times immemorial, and encountering another species of human? What would you do? How would you act? How would they act? When you think about it, I suppose it is really not that sensational. For most other species on the planet, it is a regular occurrence. Wolves encounter coyotes and dogs all the time. Tigers encounter leopards. Fish swim with other species of fish. But, I guess what makes the idea of another human species so intriguing is the concept of another rational, reasoning being looking back at you. Which brings me to my LEGO post of the day…

From August 10 to the 31, 2017, spending $50 or more at the LEGO store will get you a free Caveman and Cavewoman Minifigure set. The science geek in me had to have them. In reality, these Minifigures are not new. The caveman was originally released in Minifigures Series 1, while the cavewoman came in Series 5. These ones vary from the originals only in terms of coloration. I missed out on the originals, so I am happy to be able add these ones to my collection. I don’t collect LEGO for resale value, and I think it should be collected primarily for one’s own enjoyment. So, I love when old stuff gets reissued.

Both Minifigures come with a fairly unique hairpiece and face print. The front of the torso and legs are nicely designed on each one. Only the cavewoman comes with back torso printing. Cave people also apparently loved to wear chaps.  Each one comes with a club as an accessory. These are really fun characters, and I will eventually find some way of incorporating them into my LEGO city.

What did you think of this month’s LEGO freebie, and how do you feel about retired Minifigures being reissued? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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LEGO Caveman & Woman

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