December 8, 2023

A Summer’s Minifigure Monday

Though today is rainy, this past week has been gorgeous outside here in Montreal. It has been sunny, and a couple of days even shot past 30ºC. Even though summer does not officially begin until 12:24 am on Wednesday, June 21 this year, I am already counting down the days. As a teacher, I get eight weeks “off”. I don’t get paid, I still work preparing next year’s lessons, but I get to work from home at my own leisurely pace.

Minifigures Series 17 has a great new professional surfer character that lends itself well to a post about the quickly approaching summer. I even took my first trip out the beach to photograph him! Though there is not much surf at the little lake where I took this photo, it was still fun.

LEGO Minifigures Series 17 – Professional Surfer

Summer Days at the Beach
(an original poem by True North Bricks)

I’m sitting out on the beach,
An ice cold coke within reach.
The waves crash not far away,
As people surf out the day.
Summer days are just a peach.

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