September 28, 2023

Minifigure Monday by the Sea

Coffee by the Sea
(An original poem by True North Bricks)

Oh, how I would like to be
Sipping coffee by the sea.
In the Sun and salty air,
Not a worry or a care.
Oh, how I would like to be
Sipping coffee by the sea.

Whenever I go to the LEGO Store, I always check the Minifigure station for new and interesting pieces. I love making Minifigures. It just so happened that on a recent visit, new parts had been added. One of the characters that I put together was inspired by set 31051, Lighthouse Point from the Creator theme. I had the set to build and review (check back later this week to read it), and this Minifigure that I designed seemed to fit right in. The Minifigure station also had travel mugs as accessories, which inspired the rhyme above. It brought back memories of slow, vacation mornings with my wife and a cup of coffee.

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2 thoughts on “Minifigure Monday by the Sea

  1. I did color last night… just so you know. I also received an award… Part of that reward is Nominting others, you are one of the people I picked. So drop by today and take a look at my blog and find out what you got 🙂

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