December 8, 2023

Minifigure Monday – Thor Odinson

It’s a Marvel themed week here at True North Bricks. I’m also taking a new direction with my Minifigure Monday posts. Rather than review a Minifig each week, I will simply showcase one. I figure not everything needs to be quantified and scrutinized. Some things should just be enjoyed. So, while I will continue to review LEGO sets, I will just enjoy my Minifigures.

This week’s Minifigure is Thor from the Attack on Avengers Tower set. I have always been more of a DC Comics fan myself, but I do like the Marvel movies and TV shows. I also really enjoyed the first Thor movie. I found it comical. I wasn’t such a huge fan of The Dark World, but I am hopeful Ragnarok will be more entertaining.

LEGO Thor Odinson summoning lightning with the aid of Mjollnir.

The comic book character of Thor was based on the God from Norse mythology. According to legend, Thor is the God of thunder, strength, and war. Like in the comics, Thor wields the mystical hammer Mjollnir. During storms, thunder is said to be the sound of Thor’s chariot, while Lightning is caused when Mjollnir is thrown. In the comics, Mjollnir allows Thor to fly and manipulate weather. So, for my photo, I have LEGO Thor summoning lightning with the aid of Mjollnir. The lightning effect was generated by playing with the shutter speed on my camera and using a sparkler stick placed just out of the field of view.

Until next time,