Minifigure Monday – Police Helicopter [30351]

Today’s Minifigure Monday post is a little bit set review, a little bit Minifigure review. When I was taking advantage of double VIP points at the LEGO Store last week, I also got the police helicopter freebie. I won’t review it as an actual set because it is small, and it is also free. So, I will treat it more like a Minifigure with a really big accessory.


LEGO freebie set 30351 from March 2017.

I was initially neither here nor there about this particular freebie. It fell in the category of “If I get it, great. If I don’t get it, no big loss.” While a police station is on my list of upcoming custom projects, I already have officers to man it. But, when I actually got this little set, I noticed that the pilot is a woman. I think that this is the first female pilot I have ever gotten in a LEGO set. That is not to say that they do not exist (I am not sure if other sets have them or not), just that I have never gotten one before. My police force is also predominantly male at the moment, so more women are a good thing. I do wish she had come with a hairpiece as well though.


As far as the helicopter goes, it is nothing special. But, that is to be expected from a freebie. I like the little radar gun mounted on the side. I also like the control panel that was included in this set. I will probably modify my police helicopter from the Police Station (60047, click here to read my review) to include these, because overall it is a nicer helicopter. For a free set though, this one is pretty nice.

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