September 29, 2023

Minifigure Monday – Holy Shark Repellent, Batman!

I’ve got a twofer for you on this fine Minifigure Monday. One of the highlights of the LEGO Batman Movie was, of course, the reference to the shark repellent in the 1960s movie. It was really awesome that LEGO included said repellent with the Dick Grayson Minifigure in this series. Given that Orca was also part of the series, I couldn’t resist making this shot. Now, before you complain, I am aware that an orca is a killer whale. In all fairness, killer whales do not have heterocercal tails, so this costume is actually more reminiscent of a shark than an orca from a biological standpoint. Additionally, it is also just a repaint of the Shark Boy costume from a previous series of Minifigs.

LEGO Batman Movie Minifigures – Dick Grayson and Orca

In terms of my review of this Minifigures, Dick Grayson gets 7/10. He does not have a double sided face, but he does have front and back printing on his torso, and front printing on his legs. His hair/goggles piece is the same as Robin’s, only the area around the eyes is painted to match Dick’s skin colour as opposed to being green.

Orca similarly gets 7/10. He has no face. Where his face should be has been painted to look like the interior of a mouth. He has front print on both his torso and legs, and flippers in place of arms. The printing on his legs extends around the sides, but not the back.

All in all, both are ok Minifigs. The best part is the shark repellent. Until next time,


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