September 28, 2023

MOC Update: The LEGO Store (Part 3)

This is the first part of a four part series of posts. Use the links below to navigate to other articles detailing this MOC.

Part I | Part IIPart IV

I’m back with another update this week on my latest MOC. If you missed part one or two, there are some links at the bottom of the article. This time, the actual store is finished. I really liked the look of the front of the store from City Square (click here to read my review), so I preserved most of the design. The top story windows are different because I modified the upper story to suit my needs a little better. I also changed the Minifigures to Star Wars characters. In the background you can see the Millennium Falcon from a previous LEGO Advent Calendar. I also added light fixtures to the ceiling.

Since the goal was to seal off the rear of building, and make it modular, the interior has changed somewhat from the City Square version. Both side walls now have shelves with products on them. The Pick-A-Brick Wall is on the back wall now, behind the cash, just like in my local LEGO Store. There is also a door to the break room.

The break room is pretty small. It is more like a corridor. There is a table with a coffee machine that I based off of my Tassimo at work. Beyond that, a ladder leads up to the roof, and another smaller one goes down to the warehouse.

To add a little life to the exterior, I put some foliage along the base of the store wall above the warehouse door. Vines grow up the wall towards the roof. Up on the actual roof, I placed the ventilation system from the original City Square building, as well as doors leading to the roof access ladder inside.

The MOC is almost done at this point. The promenade outside just needs some final touches. So, my next update should show the finished product! As always, feel free to drop me a line and let me know what you think.

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