December 2, 2023

MOC Update: The LEGO Store (Part 2)

This is the first part of a four part series of posts. Use the links below to navigate to other articles detailing this MOC.

Part I | Part III | Part IV

Welcome to part two of my LEGO Store MOC updates! In case you missed part one, you can click here to read it. I had a little time to fiddle with my latest MOC again over the weekend, but the new stuff is not quite ready for display. As promised however, here is a look at the interior of my LEGO Store warehouse.

MOC LEGO Store warehouse and adjascent train tunnel.

First off, there was a very minor change to the front. Instead of two small lamps on either side of the door, I have placed one large street lamp. The floor of the warehouse is raised off of the street level to the same height as the bed of the LEGO truck. The gate you see can be raised and locked in the up position for deliveries.

Inside, there is a computer terminal to receive inventory, and a shelf for overstock. My favorite part is the freight elevator though. I needed a compact way for stock to be delivered up to the second floor where the store will be located. I decided on an elevator, but I wanted it to be actually functional. Turning at the top winds a string that raises the elevator.

The elevator stops at a catwalk that runs horizontal for a length, and then slants upwards to head up towards the store. At the end of the raised portion there will be a trap door leading into the LEGO Store’s break room.

That’s it for this update, I hope you enjoyed it and come back for the next one. I’m always keen to hear your comments and suggestions too!

Until next time,