December 4, 2023

LEGO vs FLego – Indominus rex Edition

After reviewing LEGO‘s Indominus rex Breakout last week, I have decided to take another look at real LEGO versus the fake stuff coming out of China. My local Toys R Us has no more Indominus rex Breakout sets left. They ran out a couple of weeks ago during the Jurassic World 20% off sale. The LEGO Store nearby has not had them for months. I can’t even remember the last time I saw this set at Walmart. At the time of this publication, it is still available in Canada through the LEGO Store online,, and But, one thing is for sure, it is getting harder to get your hands on an Indominus rex. People are trying to sell the dinosaur by itself for anywhere between $80-$250 on eBay. The passing of time and rising prices will cause many to turn towards an alternative… the infamous fake Chinese knockoffs, which I like to call FLego (Fake LEGO).

The real LEGO Indominus rex (foreground) and the FLego Indominus rex (background).

I was curious about the knockoffs, I will admit it. I actually ordered the whole lot of them last summer when the official Jurassic World sets started to go on liquidation. I wanted to see how the fake actually compared to the real. I have already reviewed the FLego Harley Quinn (click here to read), Tyrannosaurs rex (click here to read), and velociraptors (click here to read). My opinion has varied a little with each one, ranging from acceptable to down-right awful. But, one thing is for sure, the fakes have never been quite as good as the real LEGO product. So, let’s see where FLego Indominus rex fits in.

The LEGO (bottom) and FLego Indominus rex have an identical shape and pattern.

In general, the dinosaurs have an identical shape and pattern. However, I find it interesting that the ridges on the FLego version are all rounded and more dull than on the real LEGO version. If you examine the photo below, pay close attention to the ridges over the eyes, this detail is most obvious there. Much like when you make a copy of a key, this suggests that the FLego version was not made from an original mould, but from a mould made from an actual toy.

Pay close attention to the ridges over the eye, the fake Indominus rex (right) is more rounded and dull.

The seams on the FLego version don’t fit together nicely in places, much like in the FLego T. rex. The plastic used to make the FLego Indominus rex is also the cheaper, glossier variety that feels plain brittle.

The seams of the FLego Indominus rex do not fit together nicely in places, as you can see here in the tail.

The most obvious difference is the paint job. The grey is much darker on the FLego version (see images above). That is not necessarily a bad thing, some people might like the greater contrast. But, that is not the only difference. The nails are also poorly painted. They are blotchy with paint leaking all over the place.

The nails of the FLego Indominus rex (left) are poorly painted and blotchy.

The joints on the FLego version suffer from the same flaws I saw on the T. rex. They are all too loose. You can’t open the jaw without making the head wobble. The rear legs also squeak and squeal when you turn them, and just like in the T. rex, they wobble right out of their sockets if you move them too much. The tail also pops right out of its socket very easily, and so does the head.

Overhead view of the LEGO (bottom) and FLego Indominus rex.

One thing that I really liked about the real LEGO version is that a Minifigure can fit right in its hand. The FLego version has the same sized hands, but they are made from the same plastic as the rest of the body. In the LEGO version, the hands are more rubbery and have a little give. The end result is that the LEGO version holds onto Minifigures snugly, while the FLego version doesn’t. If you look at the images below, you can balance a Minifigure in FLego dinosaur’s hands, but it is loose.

You might also recall the shipping fiasco I described with the FLego T. rex. Well, the Indominus arrived in the same package. There was no cushioning between the dinosaurs, and they came in an envelope. Given the Indominus’ white colour, the scratches and scuffs show up even more than they did on the T. rex. I was able to get a full refund for these dinosaurs (and I got to keep them too). But, scuffed up dinosaurs are really no good to me.

Overall, I do not recommend ordering this product. Much like with the FLego T. rex, this one is a far inferior product. The joints are all far to loose and would not withstand even moderate play. The plastic is a lower quality, and while I have not played mine, it feels brittle and I wonder how easily it would actually break. The paint is darker on the fake version, and is blotchy and bleeds in places. Otherwise, the FLego Indominus rex looks like the real LEGO version. While the fake dinosaur is much cheaper in terms of price, it also much cheaper in terms of quality. Support the things you love, buy the real LEGO Indominus rex while you still can. Not only will you get a great dinosaur, but you will also get a great set with a ton of amazing pieces that will provide hours of entertainment.

Until next time,