December 3, 2023

Raptor Rampage! [LEGO Review]

This is the second Jurassic World set that I have picked up on liquidation. My general feelings about Raptor Rampage are that it is a fun set, but perhaps not quite as good as the T. rex Tracker (you can read my review of that set by clicking here). As always, you can download a free LEGO Velociraptor colouring page by clicking here.

Set Summary

Name: Raptor Rampage
Set #: 75917
Cost: $59.99 CAD ($50.00 on sale)
Brick Count: 324
Minifigure Count: 3
Other Figs: 2 velociraptors
Of Interest: you get a motorcycle.
Manuals: 2 (110 pages total)
Release Date: May 2, 2015

The box art.

 Summary Review: 85%

Value: 80% on sale (at $0.15 per brick, this set is a little pricey)
80% (nice overall design, but lower chassis and interior details need work)
95% (detailed Minifigures/dinos, and great figure to brick ratio)
Enjoyment: 85% on sale (good build time, will keep it mostly as is)

The complete Raptor Rampage set


Value: 80% on sale, 60% full price
At full price, this set was $59.99. With 324 pieces, that means you are paying $0.19 CAD per brick. I love dinosaurs and Jurassic Park, but this was one theme I decided not to collect for budget reasons. However, once I found a couple of the sets on clearance, that all changed. I got this set from Walmart for an even $50, which brought the cost down to $0.15 per brick. This is still a tad on the expensive side. At full price, I give this set a value of 3/5 (60%). On clearance, it earns 4/5 (80%).

You get two velociraptors and a motorcycle.

Build: 80%
I am a fan of this set, but I did not enjoy it quite as much as the T. rex Tracker. I really like that the set is plucked right out of a Jurassic Word movie scene. I can picture Claire speeding down that jungle road in the vet truck with the raptors in pursuit when I look at this set. It also features Owen on his motorcycle, which is also faithful to the movie scene. That is something that was missing with the T. rex Tracker in retrospect.

The set has been plucked right out of a Jurassic World movie scene.

When it comes to the actual build, the rear portion of the truck is actually modular. The roof comes off for easy access to interior, which is a great play feature. The interior does not, however, resemble the interior of the truck from the movie. It is also fairly empty with only two removable computers. I do like the computers, but some chairs and vet equipment would have been nice. This is not a major complaint for me though.

Nice exterior details, but more vet equipment would be nice in a vet unit.

The exterior of the truck is nicely detailed. I like the grill work that looks like it can withstand some dino-dammage. I also like that there are actual car doors to get into the cab. I find these are left out a little too often in LEGO vehicles. Like with the T. rex Tracker, there are no printed tiles here though, only stickers. I like the look of these stickers, but putting them on is a pain.

My major complaint is the look of the tires and lower chassis.

My major complaint about the set is the look of the tires and lower chassis. The tires strike me as a little too small for the overall truck. I also don’t really like the dark grey 2×8 plates along the sides. They could have done something nicer there like in the City service truck (6073) or the City Fire Ladder Truck (60107).

The front has some really nice grill work.

I give the build for this set 8/10. I am taking off a full mark for the tires and chassis. The other mark is being taken off for the stickers and the lack of vet equipment in the vet unit, neither of which really annoyed me, but could have been better all the same.

Rear view.

Minifigures: 95%
This set comes with three Minifigs and two raptors. If you are counting the Minifigures alone, there is one Minifig for every 108 bricks. This would give it 4.5/5 (90%) on my scale for Minifigure value, which is pretty darn good to begin with. But, of course, we cannot forget the raptors. I really like the raptors, and they easily bring the value up to 5/5.

Unlike the T. rex Tracker, this set comes with main movie characters.

Unlike the T. rex Tracker, this set comes with some main characters from the movie. You get Claire, Owen, and an ACU Officer. If we begin with the ACU Officer, unlike with the version we saw in the T. rex Tracker, this one is male and does not have a double sided face. Instead of a helmet, he sports a blue baseball cap. Otherwise, his uniform is the same. He has printing on both the front and back of the torso, as well as on the front of the legs. He also comes with a tranquilizer gun and an ACU vest with front and back print. He gets 8/10, losing some points for no printing on the back of the legs or head.

Owen is a pretty solid Minifigure. He has a double sided face, one side angry, the other smiling. He comes with printing on the front and back of the torso, and the front of the legs. In terms of accessories, he comes with a knife (you actually get two in the box), and the motorcycle. He earns a 9/10.

Claire also comes with a double sided face, what I can only describe as worried and angry. She has front and back printing on her torso, and a small amount of printing on the front of the legs. I like the layered hairpiece she has that actually covers her alternate face completely. She comes with one accessory, a nicely printed tile to represent her phone from the movie. She gets 8/10.

The velociraptors are really what make this set for me. You get Delta and Blue from the movie in this set. Each one has six points of articulation, both arms and legs rotate, as does the neck. The jaw opens and closes, and just like with the T. rex, there is a satisfying snap when it chomps shut. Each has a unique pattern. While they are not actual Minifigures, they are the main reason that I bought this set. I have no complaints about either one, and give each one 10/10.

Overall, these Minifigures and dinosaurs have an average design score of 90%. When we factor in the Minifigure value score, this set gets 95%. I am impressed with the figurines that came with this set.


Entertainment: 85%
I built this set at nice leisurely pace one weekend morning, and was done in about two and a half hours. So, even though it has a smaller piece count than the T. rex Tracker, it took me about the same amount of time. It was a very leisurely morning with a pot of coffee. In any case, that gives this set a fun value score of 4/5 at full price. On sale, it gets 4.5/5.

To give you an idea of the size difference between the raptors and T. rex.

In terms of my enjoyment, I do like this set. Would I keep it exactly as is were I building a Jurassic Park? Mostly. I would spruce up the interior a little. And, maybe do something about the wheels. 4/5 for enjoyment. This gives the set an overall entertainment score of 85%.

Overall: 85%

I really like this set. Not quite as much as the T. rex Tracker, but close. On sale, it has a decent value, though it is above the average cost of a brick at the time of this writing. I like that this set is actually based on a movie scene. I wish the interior actually had some veterinary equipment, and that more thought had been put into the lower part of the truck frame. The Minifigures are nicely done, and the raptors are excellent. You also get a good Minifig to brick ratio. The build time is good for the price, especially on sale. It might be a bit pricey to buy for the raptors alone, but the set itself is pretty good. I recommend this one.

You can watch my YouTube review by clicking here.

Also, don’t forget your free raptor colouring page by clicking here!

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