December 10, 2023

The Frightening Knight! [LEGO Review]

LEGO Minifigures – Series 15: A Review of The Frightening Knight.

The Frightening Knight

I have mentioned before how I was really into the Castles theme when I was younger. My sister and I had rather elaborate plots involving our castles, knights, witches, and wizards. So, this Minifig once again strikes a bit of a nostalgic chord with me. Much like with the Queen, I decided to photograph this Minifigure in my first LEGO castle, the Black Falcon’s Fortress.

Without the helmet.

This is a great Minifig. He has printing on both the front and back of the torso and legs. The chainmail print on the front side is really nice. He comes loaded with accessories, including aa helmet, shoulder protectors, a shield, and a mace. The mace is my favorite feature. This is the type of mace that Hawkman should have come with in the DC Super Heroes: Darkseid Invasion set. It really is the best part of this Minifig. Based on the amount of detail and the number of accessories this Minifig has, he gets a full 5/5 from me.

You can download your free Frightening Knight colouring page by clicking here.

Guarding the gates.

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