September 29, 2023

All hail the LEGO Queen!

LEGO Minifigures – Series 15 (Part 8): a review of the LEGO Queen.

Minifigures Series 15 has two medieval themed characters, the Frightening Knight, and the topic of today’s discussion, the Queen. As I have been slowly getting into LEGO photography, I decided that I wanted to picture these two characters in a castle setting. I have also been working behind-the-scenes on my “About Me” section for this blog. That has brought back many fond memories from when I was younger and really into LEGO castles. So, I rebuilt my first LEGO set, from 1986, to use as the set for my next few pictures. The castle you are seeing is the Black Falcon’s Fortress (6074). I will talk more about that set in a later post. Today, we are here for the Queen!

All hail the LEGO Queen!

This Minifigure goes well with the King from Series 13. She sports a new hairdo and a fair amount of detailing on her dress. The lower half of the body was also a novel attire piece for my collection. All of the other dresses I have gotten with Minifigs have been the standard slanted roof piece variety. I am not really a big fan of dresses for Minifigs, but they are occasionally warranted. In this case, it works nicely, and looks more extravagant than the normal dress. The crown sits in a little hole on top of the hairpiece, and the hair itself is nicely done. She is not my favorite Minifig from Series 15, but is decent all the same. I would put her on par with the Ballerina, and give this one 3/5.

A view from atop the tower.


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A garden stroll.

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