October 1, 2023

Want a Discount T-Rex? LEGO SALE!

I cannot even count how many times I have seen Jurassic Park. I was in grade six when it originally hit theatres, and I was blown away. I still remember the first time that I watched it. It was unlike anything I had ever seen before. I remember flying out of my seat when Lex almost fell through the ceiling and the velociraptor jumped up and almost bit her leg off. I got the VHS for Christmas, and that movie was on continuous replay in our house. I had to do my first book report that year in school, and I read Jurassic Park (which is a pretty big book for a sixth grader). It actually introduced me to Michael Crichton, who became one of my favorite authors until is sad, untimely death.

I have seen the other movies in the franchise. I was disappointed with The Lost World, because the book was SO much better. Jurassic Park III was just a series sloppily sewn together action sequences with a poorly conceived story. And then there was Jurassic World, with its raptor tamers. While it was better that Jurassic Park III, it had so much potential and just didn’t really deliver.

Jurassic Park (the original) had it all. It had a great story that remained true to the book. It had a scientifically plausible background (based on what was known at the time). It had characters you liked and got invested in. Finally, it had cutting edge special effects that can still hold their own against Hollywood Blockbusters almost a quarter of a century later.

With that said, I still own all of the other movies and watch them from time to time when I am in need of mindless entertainment. I love dinosaurs, and despite the failings of the later additions to the franchise, I love those movies. I also talk about Jurassic Park in my classroom sometimes. I have an entire lesson about the science behind the movie and books. It is fascinating stuff. So, do I want to have LEGO dinosaurs? That would be a resounding YES.

Look what I got on sale! I am SUPER excited!


Unfortunately, the Jurassic World theme was one I decided not to collect for budget reasons. But, it has always chaffed at the back of my mind how much I would adore to have those dinosaurs. Even the Indominus Rex. Yesterday, I went to Walmart and it was as if a heavenly light was shining down on the overstock shelf. There it was, set 75918, T. Rex Tracker, on liquidation. Normally, this set will cost you $89.99 in Canada. Today, it was $75, meaning a savings of around $15 (or 17%). I have never seen a Jurassic World set on sale before, and I am pretty sure they are about to be retired.

What makes me say they are retiring? The sets came out in early May 2015, so they are getting old-ish. While many sets do remain on shelves much longer than one year, Walmart moved them from the main LEGO display area to the overstock shelves a few weeks ago. Walmart.ca also no longer lists the Jurassic World sets. And now, the first one has gone on clearance.

If you look on Ebay, the price of a genuine LEGO T. Rex is quite high. A quick search done while I was writing this came up with one for $65, another for $118, and a couple in $90 range. We are talking just the dinosaur here, not the set it comes with. And then you have to tack on shipping. So, if you want a T. Rex, it is unlikely you will get a better deal for the whole set.

To make a long story short, I saw this set on sale and threw my inhibitions to the wind. I know I said I would not collect this theme… but it was on clearance… I am thrilled with this purchase and cannot wait to open it up! There will be a review coming in the near future, and pictures. Head to Walmart and see if you can get one.  You probably won’t get a T. Rex any cheaper (at least not an authentic LEGO one).

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