June 9, 2023

LEGO Minifigures: Series 15 (Part 1)

A review of Shark Suit Guy and The Ballerina

It has been a while since I have blogged… I have been tweeting, updating the LEGO deals page, and adding colouring pages… but, I have not written anything for a while. Such is the life of a teacher, I suppose. Things get really busy as the end of the year approaches, and anything remotely related to fun gets put on the back burner. I currently have THREE boxes of unopened LEGO just waiting to be built. I got my hands on City Square a couple of weeks back when it was on sale at the LEGO Store, and I am dying to build it… but, alas, there is no time with exam preparations in full swing. I can’t wait for that first day off when I will have nothing on the agenda except for opening up that box! But, I digress.

In the spirit of keeping my blog alive and going, I thought I would throw a little review up. I have been slowly collecting Minifigure Series 15, and thought I would review my first two minifigs from the set. Since I have already put up the Shark Suit Guy and Ballerina colouring pages, I figured I would start there.

Dancing down Mainstreet

The Ballerina is an ok minifig. The tutu was a new piece for my collection, and also makes her pretty easy to find by feeling the bag. Just look out for a flat, wavy oval. Her hair is a brown repaint of the geisha/samurai woman bun seen in earlier series, with some flowers added in. My wife really likes this one, and she does add a little flavour to my city. She has the female minifig painted contours and some silver detailing on her costume. But, overall, I would say she is about a 3/5.


Sharks on a train

Shark Suit Guy is a minifig that I really like. He doesn’t come with standard arms, but has fins instead. He also has an alternate, terrified face. I plan to add a zoo one day to my city, so these animal costume minifigs will make great mascots. Out of all the animal related minifigs so far, this one is my favorite though. The shark headpiece is a really fun design. The torso only has a little detailing on the front, but the back doesn’t need it since it is covered by the shark tail. I also love the ecology shout out on his official LEGO bio. 5/5 for this one.


More to come next time!


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