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More Stuff for July 2020

Last week I shared my Jurassic July Haul. I decided to treat myself to a few older sets on my wish list since some were on sale. Subsequently, the LEGO® Store re-opened in my area after the COVID-19 lockdown. I decided to go have a look since a reader informed me there were some deals. Of course, one does not

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Summer 2020 Jurassic World Pics

The LEGO® Group recently released official details regarding the upcoming summer 2020 Jurassic World sets. We reported on some preliminary pictures earlier (click here to read more). However, these new images give a much clearer idea of each set’s features. Additionally, with the first round of pictures, I conducted a survey on Instagram to gauge interest in these sets. I

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Jurassic World Summer 2020 Sets

The first box art images for the upcoming wave of Jurassic World summer 2020 sets are surfacing. As usual, the European retailers have them first. Incidentally, we expect four new kits this summer. Additionally, the sets feature a few familiar dinosaurs, but also several new ones. Being a huge Jurassic World fan, I am giddy over this announcement! 75939 –

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