December 2, 2023

Get Your Goats in Order… Minifigures Series 25 is Coming.

This might be good news, or it might be bad news. I think most will be thrilled (myself included)… but resellers better get your goats in order. Minifigures Series 25 leaked online recently. Though the image quality is quite poor, one thing stands out… There is a goat included with one of the Minifigures. These Minifigures release on January 1, 2024, likely for the usual $5.99 CAD each, and in the new blind boxes that everybody “loves” so much. Here’s the image as well as the tentative names for the characters.

Unofficial Character Names

  1. Noir Detective
  2. Gamer Girl
  3. Night Lord
  4. Paralympics Athlete
  5. Goat Herder
  6. Mushroom Hat Kid
  7. Weightlifter
  8. Triceratops Costume Guy
  9. Harpy
  10. Train Costume Kid
  11. Barbarian
  12. Dog Groomer

Newer AFOLs might be wondering what the big deal is with the LEGO® goat. The figurine appeared in only one set back in 2011, Mill Village Rain (7189). Despite its popularity, the goat never appeared again and its resale value has soared on secondary markets. Currently, one tiny goat averages $100 CAD on Bricklink. Mill Village Raid goes for around $500 CAD. However, all of that is about to change. With the Goat Herder minifig included in series 25, the goat is about get a whole lot more common. At this point, I am pretty sure only the hardest, hardcore collectors are willing to buy an official LEGO® goat. But how many of them will pay $100 CAD now when they can get one for $5.99 CAD?

Mill Village Raid

  • SET #: 7189
  • THEME: Kingdoms (Castle)
  • RRP: $89.99 CAD
  • BRICK COUNT: 663
  • RELEASED: June 1, 2011
  • RETIRED: December 31, 2011
  • COST/BRICK: $0.136 (average my modern standards)

Granted, the new goat differs slightly from the old. The mold looks fairly similar, including the pose, the stud on the back, and the goatee. However, the new goat has no printing. Of course, now that the goat is re-entering circulation, we might see variants of it in future sets. But don’t count on that happening soon. The Minifigures Series has an exclusivity production clause, similar to themes like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings. There is a six month lock on exclusive elements. This means they cannot appear in any other LEGO® theme during that time. Sometimes, they never appear again. While I cannot say this with certainty, I speculate that the coveted nature of the goat will land it within the constraints of the exclusivity clause. Only time will tell for sure.

The upcoming series 25 goat.
The original goat from set 7189.

Other highlights of this leak for me include the Night Lord and the Barbarian. The Night Lord is an awesome update to the character from one of my favourite ’90s sets, Night Lord’s Castle (6097). I still have mine from childhood. Meanwhile, the Barbarian looks like it passes as a Viking to help populate my Viking Village set (once I finally get it). There’s also a new dog in this series. What do you think? Are you excited for the goat? What’s your favourite Minifigure from series 25? Let me know in the comments or reach out on social media.

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6 thoughts on “Get Your Goats in Order… Minifigures Series 25 is Coming.

  1. The head shape looks a little different between the goats. The old one looks like it has a pointy head whereas the new one looks rounded, but that could just be from the image quality too.

    I recently picked up the barn and farm animals set as well as the tractor set so a goat will make a welcome addition to my farm!
    I’m also super hoping to get that little mushroom hat.

  2. I do not own the original goat and will be happy to get a few of these. I think this will be a great series!!

      1. I am excited for the mushrooms top hat and the what looks like an afghan wolf hound.
        But the guggest take away for me is the athleat who has what looks like 2 prosthetic legs. Way to go.

      2. Nice catch! I was so distracted by the goat I didn’t even notice the minifig had two prosthetic legs… I only noticed the one.

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