December 2, 2023

Executor Super Star Destroyer Review

If I had to pick a favourite vehicle from the Original Trilogy, it would be the Executor Super Star Destroyer. Giant mega ships that are impossibly big are a staple of the Star Wars universe. This is the OG ship-of-ships in this category. She made her big debut in the Empire Strikes Back as Darth Vader’s flagship. I missed out on the UCS version (10221) of this waaayyy back in 2011, so I made sure to snag this set before it too disappeared. Thankfully it was much less of a punch to the wallet. First revealed in March 2023, this set came out in May just in time for the May the Fourth promo of this year.

I purchased this set during the recent 2x Insider Points promotion. It was the only set I picked up despite really wanting that new Venator Republic Attack Cruiser. But that ain’t in the cards just yet. I paid full price, but snagged some valuable points in the process. And yes I remembered to scan the booklet barcode for even more points! Let’s take a look at the Executor Super Star Destroyer.


  • SET #: 75356
  • THEME: Star Wars
  • COST: $89.99 CAD
  • BRICK COUNT: 630
  • COST-PER-BRICK: $0.14
  • BUILD TIME: 135 minutes
  • COST-PER-MIN: $0.67
  • RELEASE DATE: May 1, 2023


  • VALUE: 89% (decent cost/brick score but a great cost/min score)
  • BUILD: 84% (nice detailing in most spots with engaging build techniques and good parts usage)
  • ENTERTAINMENT: 80% (great display model that’s perfect for Star Wars fans)
  • OVERALL SCORE: 84% (a great set for a Star Wars fan)

VALUE: 89%

The Executor Super Star Destroyer retails for $89.99 CAD and translates to a cost/brick of $0.14. This gives us a score of 83%, comfortably above our observed average of $0.15 for an 80% score. For the Star Wars IP, that ain’t half bad. With no minifigures or overly rare elements to affect the cost, this set stays decently affordable. It should definitely be a bit cheaper for what it is, but at least it stays more-or-less average for this IP. Goodness knows it can be far higher….

My build time for the Executor is just over two hours (135 minutes). This gets me a cost/minute of $0.67 and that equates to a very impressive score of 95%. I’m impressed to get such a high score on such a small model. Tiny parts and greebling usually take longer overall. I’m happy with a longer build time to really enjoy the experience. Taking both scores together I get a final value score of 89%.

BUILD: 84%

So what’s in the box!? Well it’s pretty much what you expect – ya know, LEGO®️ bricks and a book. More specifically, there are six numbered bags and a 146 page instruction book. The exterior has the usual Star Wars design with greebling and a mostly black background. Design-wise it has an almost UCS feel to it. Overall it’s a successful recreation of the source material. There are certain spots that don’t exactly work though. But at this midi-scale, there’s only so much you can do.

Putting together the Executor Star Destroyer is fun. There’s a nice mixture of textures and build techniques that will satisfy everyone. It’s not painfully difficult, but it’s certainly not simplistic. Every size of wedge plate is here. They all go together so well to replicate that very sharp and famous arrowhead shape. Looking straight down at it, it’s pretty cool. The side profile is also nice and narrow with just enough of a separation along the middle to show the recessed ‘trench’. Surface detailing is a good mix of tiles and studs. Overall, a good design.

Fun little details are the two mini (micro??) size star destroyers you can add beside the Executor. Each one is nine pieces and does the job. You attach it with a trans clear pole element and it gives the illusion of them being ‘in flight’ with the ship. This is a common add-on with many a larger ship. And I’m here for it. But the coolest feature is the hidden characters. Darth Vader the bounty hunters are recreated with just two coloured studs each and hidden under the surface. You’ll never see it again, but it’s pretty clever.

As you build this super big (tiny) ship you will start with the usual plate stacking. Layers go up and create a sturdy and quite varied interior. There’s plenty of greebling as you build in the usual grey and other grey. What’s not obvious until you start is the very colourful palette in use inside. Now this isn’t something out-of-the-ordinary, it’s pretty common actually. But I always appreciate breaking it up for easier piece finding and keeping things from being a big monochrome blob. Another nice touch is the inclusion of trans blue pieces to simulate windows and lighting. You can see a few along the sides and from above.

The Executor has plenty of detail on top, but little to none on the underside. Minus the engines, which are simple but effective, it’s pretty plain down there. Plates stack underneath to make the impression of an angled surface. And a dark gray area decently recreates the main shuttle bay. The rear of the ship uses a similar tile and stud surface treatment but it’s awkward. Again, the angles are good, but it doesn’t look finished and/or inconsistent with the rest. It stands out to me, but it’s not enough to deduct a whole bunch of points. My final build score is 84%.


The Executor Super Star Destroyer is a display piece. I mean, if you really want to play with it, it is small enough and swooshable. It’s also pretty solid as a model so no worries on it being a break risk. And speaking of display, this sucker comes with a really great stand. Since we have a smaller ship, the stand is fully system brick built. I love the construction on this. There’s a smooth and simple shape to it. A 4×4 plate attaches to the underside of the ship – no technic pins or slotted parts. A display tile is on the front of the stand, consistent with those found on builds like the Nebulon-B Frigate (77904) and the Nano Gauntlet (76223). One unique detail is the printed brick celebrating the 40th anniversary of Return of the Jedi.

I wouldn’t label this as an 18+ set in difficulty. Maybe 14+? But I guess being a display model means it gets to be for the older crowd. MOC makers get a decent selection of small parts amongst the 630 pieces. There’s not a ton of play appeal for younger builders. But again, it does have some fun swooshability. My usual instinct is to want minifigures, but I don’t mind there being none in these types of sets. This is (so far) only the second midi-scale Star Wars ship. If this becomes a full series of models, they will look great on display all together. And affordable, decent recreations of smaller ships will be most welcome by us all. My final score is 80%.


The Executor Super Star Destroyer is really good set. Choosing this midi-scale is a smart way to get a very sought-after model into the hands of many more collectors. The size is ideal for your shelf and/or your desk – really show off that Star Wars fandom. Adding the tiny star destroyers is also the right call for scale and variety. Pricing is adequate and happily on par with the rest of the IP. Including the 40th anniversary brick is also a nice commemorative feature. I’m hoping more ships are made in this scale and with some exclusive details. My final overall score is 84%.

What I likedWhat I didn’t like as much
– Great midi-scale
– Fairly accurate design
– Affordable for most
– Lovely display piece
– No stickers
– Printed anniversary brick
– Not much detail on the underside
– Back portion of the top is a bit uneven in finish
– Could be a touch cheaper given the parts count

So what do you guys think of this set? Are you a fan of the giant capital ships? Did you pick this up already or maybe the Nebulon-B Frigate? What other ships would you like to see in this midi-scale? I for one would love Rebel ship or two, like the Mon Cala ones. And maybe some prequel ships like the Venator and/or Separatist fleet. Comment below and in all the usual places. Thanks as always for reading and until next time, keep on brickin’. 🧱

– Frank

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