September 28, 2023
New Disney 100 Gift-With-Purchase live at the LEGO Store!

New Disney 100 Gift-With-Purchase

UPDATE: The new Disney 100 gift-with-purchase sold out in less than 24 hours. When I published this article originally around 2:00 pm on July 1, the offer was still up on the LEGO® website. However, I now have confirmation from a reader who called customer service only to be told the GWP ran out of stock faster than any that came before it… get ready for Bricklink and eBay scalpers… My original article ensues…

The last LEGO® Store promotions ended on June 28. I kind of expected something new to drop on the 29th, but we all had to wait a couple more days. Today, the new Disney 100 Gift-with-Purchase (GWP) went live on the official LEGO® site as well in LEGO® Stores. It features three buildable scenes and an exclusive Mickey Mouse Minifigure. Additionally, you acquire a light brick that makes the projector in the set light up.

In order to qualify for this GWP, you have to spend over $140 CAD on Disney sets. And before you Star Wars and Marvel fans start squealing with delight, Star Wars and Marvel are excluded from this promo. We are talking classic Disney here. The new Disney Castle qualifies, as do the mini-doll oriented Princess sets, and sets like the new Villain Icons to name a few. Here’s what to expect from the set:

  • NAME: Disney 100 Years Celebration
  • SET #: 40600
  • THEME: Disney
  • VALUE: $34.99 CAD
  • BRICK COUNT: 226
  • RELEASE DATE: July 1, 2023

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New Disney gift-with-purchase

The price point for this GWP is really not that bad in my opinion. It is a fairly substantial set with an exclusive minifig and a light brick. With all the Disney stuff out this year, it’s not hard for fans to make that price point. With that said, I am not much of a Disney theme enthusiast. Therefore, I will take a pass on this GWP, especially since I have no qualifying Disney items on my wish list. Here’s hoping that the rumors of a Castles theme Majisto GWP are true and it comes around after this one. What do you think of the new Disney 100 gift-with-purchase? Will you pick one up? Let me know in the comments or reach out on social media.

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2 thoughts on “New Disney 100 Gift-With-Purchase

  1. Sad state of affairs.
    Tonight, I was going to order a large Disney set for my wife.
    I had read about the promotion here on your site earlier.
    I added it to my basket tonight and went to checkout only to find out the GWP was not included.
    I emptied my basket.
    I guess that “if you snooze, you lose”.
    I wonder how many lost sales will be the result of this latest Lego fiasco!
    Thanks for the latest sad news and update.
    I guess I will go to Walmart, Mastermind Toys, Toys’R’Us or some other store and buy some Lego Botanical sets or something else Lego for my wife instead.

    1. Sorry to hear it didn’t work out for you. I’m sure you’re not alone… In fact, I know you’re not.

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