October 1, 2023

LEGO® Triceratops Coloring Page (Unofficial)

Here’s another freebie in my 2023 Jurassic Week celebration! Similar to Monday’s raptor, this unofficial LEGO® triceratops coloring page is one that I drew and colored years ago. The inspiration arose from the 2019 Triceratops Rampage set (75937). It was the second triceratops figurine released by the LEGO® Group. However, it was the first time we’d seen the animal in the Jurassic World theme, as well as the first triceratops I acquired. Of course, the latest triceratops looks a little different since it’s based on the original Jurassic Park movie. But that’s the wonder of coloring pages! Even though I drew it to represent a specific model, you don’t have to color it that way. Happy coloring 🙂

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Unofficial LEGO triceratops coloring page
My colored in version of the triceratops coloring page available for download below.

As always, this coloring page is for your personal use only. You are not permitted to post it on other sites, publish it anywhere, nor can you make a profit from it or any version derived from it. By downloading it, you agree to these terms. The LEGO® Group, Universal Studios, and Amblin Entertainment do not endorse this unofficial LEGO® Triceratops coloring page.

Click here to download the unofficial LEGO® Triceratops coloring page.

It will open in a new window as a PDF file.

Sample of my unofficial LEGO Triceratops color page
Sample of the unofficial LEGO® Triceratops coloring page

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