September 28, 2023

LEGO® Velociraptor Coloring Page (Unofficial)

It’s Jurassic Week 2023 here at True North Bricks! What kind of celebration would it be without some free stuff? Today’s freebie is a printable, unofficial LEGO® velociraptor coloring page. I figured it goes nicely with my review of the new Jurassic Park 30th anniversary Velociraptor Escape set. Some of you long time readers might even recognize it. Back when True North Bricks was newer, I used to offer weekly coloring pages inspired by Minifigures and LEGO® animals. This is a re-release of one of the raptors I drew many years ago.

My colored in version of my unofficial LEGO Velociraptor coloring page.
©2023 True North Bricks.

This drawing was inspired by the Blue velociraptor figurine from the 2015 LEGO® Jurassic World collection.

At some point, I stopped offering coloring pages and even took them all down off the site. There were a few reasons for the decision. Firstly, I started to see others selling them online, and that’s just not cool. Secondly, people started removing my branding and publishing my images on their own sites. Also not cool. Thirdly, at some point, True North Bricks’ focus shifted away from a blog about my creative LEGO®-related endeavors to more of a news publication site. There just wasn’t time for everything, especially since some people were taking advantage of my work. In any case, a Google search for LEGO® Jurassic World coloring pages reveals a huge assortment of my drawings on other people’s sites. So, you might as well get a good quality version derived from the original art for free.

Velociraptor coloring page
Sample of my unofficial LEGO® Velociraptor coloring page.

You can download a free copy of this unofficial LEGO® velociraptor coloring page using the link below. It will open a PDF file that you can print in a new window. Enjoy the coloring page, and be sure to check back because there are more LEGO® inspired dinosaur coloring pages coming this week!

Until next time,


Click here to download this unofficial LEGO® Velociraptor coloring page.

Downloading this PDF file constitutes your agreement to only use this coloring page for personal purposes. You will not republish this work anywhere. Additionally, you will not sell it or any part or derivative of it.

Free unofficial LEGO velociraptor coloring page pin
Pin this for future use 🙂

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