December 2, 2023
Bricklink Designer Program Series 1

BrickLink Designer Program Series 1 Finalists

The BrickLink Designer Program Series 1 finalists have been revealed. From a whopping 375 projects, 5 have made it into the crowdfunding stage. The submission of sets began early this year with the public vote on We now have our hopeful finalists and it’s a pretty fun selection of sets. I think there’s really a little bit of everything for the community. If you took part in voting you’ll notice A LOT of the submissions were modular, medieval or historical in nature. And it looks like we got at least one of each. Tom threw his backing behind a few of last year’s successful entries which you can read about HERE. Click on each title to see the full submission and additional photos.

MOUNTAIN FORTRESS (3986 pcs) by sleeplessnight

THE PARISIAN STREET (3465 pcs) by NicolasCarlier

THE OLD TRAIN ENGINE SHED (2298 pcs) by Mind_the_Brick

THE SNACK SHACK (548 pcs) by Skelethur

GENERAL STORE – WILD WEST (1848 pcs) by llucky

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The BrickLink Designer Program Series 1 finalists look pretty great. I think these all have a lot of potential. I’m fairly certain I did vote for all of these. So I’m happy to see them make it through. The Parisian Street is quite elegant and will look wonderful in a modular city. The castle has just the right amount of nostalgic charm and it’s no surprise to see in the top 5. I am pleasantly surprised by The Snack Shack. Crowdfunding for these finalists will start in February 2024. As long as the set receives 3000 pre-orders, then production can start with up to 20,000 units of each.

Now what do you guys think? Did you vote for any of the finalists? Which other set(s) were you hoping to see make it through? Are you interested in backing any of them? I think I may throw my money in the pool this year. Comment below and in all the usual places. Thanks as always for reading and until next time, keep on brickin’. 🧱

– Frank

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